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Government to set mandatory broadband speeds by 2020

At last some good news - of sorts. The Government has finally told BT that universal supply of broadband is mandatory and everyone must get minimum speeds. The catches are; it is not until 2020 and the speed is just 10 Mbps.

Contributor: Dave Millett - Equinox | Published: 30 December 2017

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When call centres damage brands

While customer experience continues to be the top priority for businesses, a new report announced today, “The Health of the Contact Centre: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era,” reveals that 56 percent of contact centre employees cite complex customer problems as their top challenge. A full 60 percent admit their company has left them ill-equipped to handle these problems, leaving agents stressed and unengaged.

Contributor: Kris McKenzie | Published: 23 November 2017

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Auto-enrolment five years on

Those on an average salary, making minimum contributions from October 2012, would now have a fund of £2,440. Saving the ... View Article

Contributor: Kate Smith | Published: 15 October 2017

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Overcome cultural and communication barriers

Different working practices and styles mean that teams do not always share or store information across departments in a consistent way. Lowering cultural and cross-departmental barriers within a local authority could go a long way towards helping councils manage information more effectively.

Contributor: | Published: 5 January 2017