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Uncertainty in workplaces as EU Withdrawal Bill draws near

EU Withdrawal Bill – Employment Lawyers Association draws attention to the potential impact of uncertainty on UK workplaces. Recently proposed amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill impacting established caselaw are likely to create substantial, and long-lasting, uncertainty for UK workplaces.

Contributor: Juliet Carp, Chair - Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) | Published: 31 January 2020

IR35 should be delayed for urgent review

A delay would allow the government to regulate umbrella companies, something which it has long promised. Without this regulation we risk non-compliant umbrellas prospering, facilitated by IR35 changes. This would be bad for workers and runs counter to the government’s Good Work Plan.

Contributor: Tom Hadley, Director of Policy and Campaigns - Recruitment and Employment Confederation | Published: 24 January 2020

Will March Budget announce IR35 delay?

IR35 is a massive shake up for the private sector, but despite the many papers analysing the impact of IR35, some of our clients are still unsure of the true level of risk they face. The Government review would have been welcomed by many, to ensure that the niche technical skills that the contractor market has for years provided continues to be a readily available source of expertise for the IT sector.

Contributor: Richard Mort, Director - Edge Testing Solutions | Published: 22 January 2020

Over 1 in 3 employers not supporting EU workers with Settled Status applications

It is important for employers to be aware of the potential repercussions and impact on their business and employees.  Not all insurers will be able to cope with UK and EU based risks, and neither will all intermediaries in this space..  The key is for them to stay on top of this with contingencies being available for all eventualities.”

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 17 January 2020

Which industries have been hit the hardest in 2019?  

The Accounting and Finance industry is another casualty in the job market with a loss of 22 percent vacancies year on year. The news comes after City financial firms have committed to move at least 7,000 jobs out of the UK to prepare for Brexit. Consultancy firms lose an equal amount of vacancies year on year, while Engineering, Property, Construction, Teaching and Charity jobs lose 21 percent of jobs year on year. 

Contributor: Andrew Hunter | Published: 9 December 2019

Continuing Brexit uncertainty dividing opinion in the housing market

On the ‘hold off’ side of the argument, there is the understandable reluctance to buy a home that may be cheaper tomorrow. But the ‘buy now’ counterargument is that the combination of soft prices, lower competition for homes and fast-rising wages has opened a window of opportunity

Contributor: Jonathan Hopper | Published: 17 November 2019

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Brexit is biggest concern for UK tech workforce

Looking into the current state of the industry, the UK’s leading tech job board found that despite almost nine in 10 (89 percent) having a positive outlook, over a third (38 percent) list the political landscape as their biggest concern for the industry.

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 28 September 2019

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Boris in number 10 – hard Brexit likelihood grows

With Boris Johnson confirmed as the UK’s new prime minister, the likelihood of the UK facing a hard Brexit has increased. This has implications for people managers and HR directors in a number of areas, including access to workers. 

Contributor: Erik Fjellborg | Published: 9 August 2019

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Permanent staff appointments decline as Brexit-related uncertainty intensifies 

The report from KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs,  which is compiled by IHS Markit from responses to questionnaires sent to a panel of around 400 UK recruitment and employment consultancies, showed that permanent staff appointments fell for the second time in three months in March.

Contributor: Neil Carberry | Published: 8 April 2019

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Securing the rights of your employees after Brexit

Our message to EU citizens has been the same since we began the process of leaving the EU. We want them to stay – whether we leave with a deal or without one – and it is my firm priority to ensure they continue to feel welcome here.

Contributor: The Rt Hon Caroline Nokes | Published: 6 April 2019