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HR must leverage tech to plug the gaps

• Applaud’s, the leading employee experience (EX) platform, new 2023 Digital Employee Experience Trend Report explores the different trends HR leaders are expecting to see this coming year • The report showed major improvements in the way HR was perceived, as 53% of companies said that HR technology has positively transformed the way that their workforce views the company

Contributor: Ivan Harding, Co-Founder and CEO - Applaud | Published: 5 March 2023

Unrealised potential is dragging engagementand businesses down

New research has revealed that only 10 percent of people feel they have been encouraged to reach their full potential at work. Employer brand specialists Chatter Communications surveyed 2,000 employees of varying ages, levels of experience, job roles and industries, about whether they felt appreciated and if they felt their skills were being properly utilised.

Contributor: Paul Ainley, Managing Director - Chatter Communications | Published: 28 January 2023

Hybrid working sees the time sheet bounce back

"time sheets remain a vital tool for many businesses who continue to support remote and hybrid working staff in helping them to achieve productivity and remain part of the team despite not having a permanent presence in the office."

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 7 October 2022

Constant screen time working is putting eyesight at risk

ACR managing director Nel Woolcott said: “For millions of office workers, staring at a screen all day is the norm – especially with more people working remotely as a consequence of the pandemic, and perhaps not taking the breaks they should."

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 26 September 2022

There are now 9.9 million home workers in the UK

Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment says now is as important as ever to ensure that employees are supported in their home/hybrid working role, with employers maintaining a duty of care to their team.

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 16 September 2022

Calls to bring back appraisals as talent struggle worsens

“Any reviews going forward should no longer simply be a tick box exercise; based around hitting goals, winning new business and behaviour within the office setting."

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 19 August 2022

Don’t overlook remote onboarding for home workers

“Successful and effective onboarding should include all these elements as a matter of course, and above all it should be geared towards the individual rather than simply a tick box exercise.”

Contributor: Judith Broughton - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 16 August 2022

Candidates are becoming more discerning over roles they aspire to

“On coming out of Covid, employees have proved they can, and in some cases prefer, to work from home, which puts businesses insisting on full-time in-person attendance on the back foot."

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 13 August 2022

What actually is the current working from home dress code?

Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment recently conducted its own online poll to find out whether the pandemic pyjama trend has gone out of fashion, and what’s now in working wear vogue.

Contributor: Nel Woolcott - Anne Corder Recruitment | Published: 1 August 2022