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The role of HR in successfully adapting a business to suit the millennial generation

Everybody is obsessed with millennials – they’re one of the most highly sought-after target generations for advertisers and marketers. Their habits and lifestyles receive an absurd amount of attention online, and product developers often design projects with millennials in mind. But they’re far from being catered to by everybody, and the workplace is one notable exception.

Article by 9 January 2020


The risk of demographic generalisations and losing talent

With five generations in one workplace, regular changes to legislation and new company initiatives to implement, HR can be forgiven for potentially being seduced by the simplicity of generational demographics. Grouping employees by age, providing insight into the lives they are likely to have led to date and how it’s shaped their values and attitudes towards the workplace today, can create a useful snapshot into different demographics – helping to inform everything from individual employee communications to company-wide engagement schemes.

Article by 21 May 2019