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The business case for being menopause friendly

Despite the compelling case for being a menopause friendly employer, the continued squeeze on business budgets has left some organisations asking themselves if they can afford to make the necessary changes to be menopause friendly. In fact, they should be asking themselves if they can afford NOT to be menopause friendly.

Article by 4 July 2023


Menopause what employers need to know

If you have any questions relating to your workplace policies in relation to menopause you can contact the Banner Jones Employment Law team via the website here:

Article by 28 February 2022


How the menopause impacts the workforce

According to research we recently carried out, 32% of employers said that absence and sickness are the workplace menopause issues which have most affected their organisation, 23% reported productivity was impacted and requests for flexible working increased by 25% due to staff struggling with the menopause.

Article by 17 February 2022


Are you ready to talk about the menopause in the workplace?

HM Courts and Tribunal Service figures show a steady increase: 10 menopause-related employment tribunals in first six months of 2021 compared with 5 in 2018. Law firm Linklaters predicts 20 cases will go to tribunal in this coming year based on initial claims.

Article by 4 February 2022


Menopause in the workplace – supporting your people

Menopause in the workplace is a subject that has of late received increasing attention. Employers of all sizes are starting to realise that this is a significant issue for many of the people that work for them. Earlier this year the CIPD produced detailed guidance to help organisations and people professionals address the challenges of menopause in the workplace.

Article by 15 May 2019