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Mind the hybrid training gap

Our surveys show that there has been a huge shift towards hybrid and home working since the Covid-19 pandemic. However, organisations still do not seem to be training and equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to undertake new ways of working.

Article by 5 December 2022


The response to the IR35 changes is a risk management issue

April 2021 saw the much-anticipated roll out of the IR35 changes into the private sector. Whilst there had been a significant lead time for end hirers and their supply chain to make adequate preparations there was still a large proportion of the market that was not ready for the changes or rushed in place inadequate processes in an attempt to comply.

Article by 21 June 2021


Year 2035: The Boardroom of the Future

The new digital world is powerful and one full of exciting opportunities, enabling us to think intuitively, with an analytical mindset on what is possible. If you have watched Star Trek, you may recall Mister Data, a self-aware, sentient, and anatomically fully-functional android with computational capabilities. He is a synthetic life form with artificial intelligence, has superior mental skills and offers an ‘outsider's’ perspective on humanity. Maybe that’s a board member of the future?

Article by 3 May 2021


The changing role of line management

Over recent decades, the role of line management has largely changed due to the shift from manufacturing to services – with this change leaves the term line manager now somewhat outdated. While this phrase conjures up images of the production line, reporting lines and ‘tow-the-line’, businesses today are moving away from this kind of hierarchal structure towards more collaborative working, and focusing instead on creating a networked organisation that prioritises relationships, teams, groups and communities rather than reporting lines.

Article by 10 November 2020


Consumerism at work

Consumerism is at work all around us. We find ourselves aiding and abetting what has become a scourge of our times, from the moment we wake until we go back to sleep (and even then, we set things up so our consumption can continue unabated).

Article by 10 March 2020


When you fail to value your line managers, you put your whole business at risk

Line mangers are in a uniquely difficult position. As both managers and managees, they take orders from above which they then pass down to the people they are responsible for. Rather like a middle child, who receives neither the privileges of the first-born or the indulgences of the youngest, line managers can feel excluded, with no clear place in an organisation.

Article by 22 October 2019