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TUC poll reveals one in eight people admit to kissing a colleague at the Christmas do

Makbool Javaid
sex life

Around one in 8 (13%) people who have attended a work Christmas party admit kissing a colleague, according to new polling published by the TUC. The poll also reveals that:

  • one in four (25%) people have drunk too much alcohol at their Christmas bash;
  • one in 14 (7%) have embarrassed themselves in front of their colleagues or their boss; and,
  • one in 14 (7%) have thrown up or been sick at their party.

The TUC highlight that workers and bosses should remember that they are still in a work setting. Nobody wants to offend another member of staff or make a fool of themselves in front of colleagues. Or worse do something that might get them sacked just before Christmas. To assist having a ‘fuss-free festive bash’ the TUC has also published its top tips for employers and employees [which makes for sober reading – sorry couldn’t resist it!].

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