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Online civil mediation directory launched

The Ministry of Justice has launched an online civil mediation directory, which replaces the National Mediation Helpline, as from 1 October 2011, allowing users to search for local and national mediation providers.

The online civil mediation directory allows users to search for civil mediation providers in England and Wales, all accredited by the Civil Mediation Council, and is intended to provide members of the public and businesses with a simple, low-cost method of resolving civil disputes out of court. People contacting a listed provider can obtain certain mediation services on a fixed-fee basis, e.g. for a claim of between £5,000 and £15,000, the fee for a three hour mediation session will be £300 plus value added tax, for each party. For claims of more than £50,000, the fees must be agreed with the organisation providing the mediation. This is one of the latest developments launched by the Government aimed at encouraging parties to use alternative dispute resolution.

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