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Regulation on ‘one-in, one-out’ basis from September 2010










Regulation on ‘one-in, one-out’ basis from September


The BIS have confirmed that from 1 September 2010,
a new one-in, one-out system will begin, meaning that if a minister seeks to
introduce a new regulation which imposes costs on business, a regulation with
an equivalent value needs to be identified so it can be removed.

The Government is introducing a new ‘one-in,
one-out’ approach to implementing new regulations. From 1 September 2010, a new
regulation imposing costs on business will only be allowed if the minister
responsible also identifies an existing regulation with an equivalent cost to
be abolished.

As part of its programme to reduce ‘red tape’ the
Government has also confirmed that specific areas of burdensome regulation,
such as employment law and health and safety, are under review.

The one-in, one-out
rule initially applies to domestic legislation, but will be expanded in due
course. Until then, Ministers will also be taking a rigorous approach to
tackling EU regulations and gold plating. The Government will engage earlier in
the Brussels policy process; take strong cross Government negotiating lines;
and work to end so-called ‘gold-plating’ of EU regulations so that when
European rules are transposed into UK law it is done without putting British
business at a competitive disadvantage to other European-based companies.

August 2010

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