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Employment tribunal claims up by 56 Per Cent



Employment tribunal claims up by 56%

The Annual Statistics
Report 2009/10, published by The Tribunals Service shows a substantial increase
in the number of employment tribunals claims compared to 2009/9, with the total
number increasing by 56% and the highest individual jurisdiction claim,
breaches of working time rules, up by 296%.

The Annual
Statistics Report
covers the period 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010 and shows
a substantial number of increases in cases with the suggestion that these are
due to the recession and a rise in the number of ‘class action’ multiple claims
arising out of the same matter. The Report reveals the following:

  • The number of employment tribunal claims received
    was 236,100 in 2009/10, an increase of 56% on 2008/09.
  • The number of jurisdictional complaints contained
    within those claims (one claim can cover more than one jurisdiction) amounted
    to 392,800,    an increase of 47% on 2008/09.
  • The top 3 jurisdictional claims were as follows
    (last year’s figures in brackets): (1) Working Time Regulations = 95,200
    (24,000) + 296%; (2) Unauthorised deductions from wages = 75,500 (33,800) +
    123%; and (3) Unfair dismissal = 57,400 (52,700) + 8.9%.
  • The employment tribunal service failed to meet
    its target of listing 75% of single accepted cases for a hearing within 26
    weeks of receipt: it managed 65%, down on the previous year’s achievement of
  • 87% of appeals were listed
    for a first hearing in the EAT within 26 weeks of registration, which was 12%
    better than its performance target of 75%.

July 2010

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