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HSE dispels myths about disability and health and safety

dispels myths about disability and health and safety

A new fact sheet from
the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) sets out facts designed to dispel myths
about disability and health and safety, and provides links to various other
pieces of disability-related information, including making reasonable
adjustments, and information concerning work support schemes, such as Job
Introduction and Access to Work.

With approximately 10
million disabled people in Great
Britain covered by the Disability
Discrimination Act, representing around 18% of the population, the HSE fact
sheet, Did
you Know …? Disability
points out that
health and safety is sometimes used as a false excuse for not employing people
with disabilities, but research conducted by the HSE has shown that disabled
employees are as productive as their colleagues.

Among the key facts
provided about disabled employees is that: (i) they have less time off sick,
stay longer in their jobs and have fewer work accidents; and (ii) only 17% of
people with a disability are born with that disability, the majority acquire
their disability during their working life. The fact sheet highlights the
importance of considering reasonable adjustments to support disabled people,
and includes links to advice on making adjustments and the “5 steps to
risk assessment” toolkit for employers to ensure health and safety issues
are taken into account.

Links are also
provided to various other sources of useful information including work support
programmes such as Access to Work, the Job Introduction Scheme and the New Deal
for Disabled People.


August 2010

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