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McDonald’s encourages businesses to value older workers

McDonald’s encourages businesses to value older workers

New research conducted by Lancaster University Management School, which examined performance in 400 McDonald’s restaurants, has revealed that employees aged over 60 and over deliver a significant business boost with customer satisfaction being higher in restaurants employing staff aged 60 plus.

A study by Lancaster University Management School examined the performance of more than 400 McDonald’s restaurants across the UK. It revealed that levels of customer satisfaction were on average 20% higher in restaurants that employ staff aged 60 and over. Around two-fifths of McDonald’s restaurants employ staff aged in the 60 and over age bracket.

A survey of McDonald’s restaurant managers revealed what they thought were the reasons behind the customer satisfaction boost delivered by workers over 60. Over two thirds (69%) said workers over 60 empathise with and connect well with customers. Almost half (47%) cited that the over 60s’ ability to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible customer service, and 44% believed workers over 60 brought mentoring skills to the workplace, helping younger colleagues to develop and mature.

David Fairhurst, Chief People Officer, McDonald’s UK & Northern Europe, said: “Changing demographics in the workplace mean that later life workers are now the fastest growing age group in the labour market. Yet despite the growing numbers of mature workers, their contribution to business and the wider economy often goes unsung. These employees play an important role in our business and, as the research shows, make a huge impact on customer satisfaction.”

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