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National Federation of the Blind and Target agree $6m settlement

National Federation of the Blind and Target agree $6m settlement

The National Federation of the Blind and Target, a nationwide retail chain in the US, have announced the settlement of a class action lawsuit which will create a $6m fund to compensate those with visual impairments who have been unable to access to Target’s website and use it’s services.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), sued Target Corporation, a national retail chain with 1,648 stores in 47 states, claiming that blind people are unable to access much of the information on Target’s website, nor purchase anything from its website independently.

The case revolved around the accessibility of Target’s website to blind and visually-impaired persons, who access websites by using keyboards in conjunction with screen-reading software which vocalizes visual information on a computer screen. The NFB complained of thousands of access barriers that make it difficult if not impossible for blind customers to use, including lack of adequate prompting, denying keyboard access and requiring that transactions be performed solely with a mouse.

As part of the settlement, Target will establish a $6 million fund to compensate disabled people who have been unable to use their services. In addition, the NFB will work with Target to implement agreed improvements scheduled to be completed in early 2009.

With employers in the UK increasingly utilising websites for job applications, as well as providing services, now may be the time to check accessibility for the disabled

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