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How emotionally intelligent leaders affect digital transformation success

As an emotionally intelligent leader, Travis focused on people. He developed his personal relationships with key stakeholders and influencers. He was then able to hold court with the CEO and share stories of success and failure. Additionally, he had the opportunity to join a task force, not to lead it, but rather to provide some expertise on specific subject matter that would leverage his transformational experience. The trust he was able to build with this task force allowed him to influence the organization toward effective transition strategies and tactics. Travis knew that digital transformation required time, not only for him but for his leaders and all others impacted by the transformation. So he leveraged opportunities, again and again, to talk about the changes, impacts and effects to help provide time to all involved. Through Travis’ journey, one thing we can learn is what emotionally intelligent leaders do to affect change, in this case, a digital transformation.

Article by 28 August 2023


Closing skills gaps from within

It’s no secret that talent shortages are a growing issue for UK businesses. Currently, 87% of companies report either existing or emerging skills gaps, and this is only made worse by the ongoing economic downturn putting pressure on businesses to do more with less. With competition for talent becoming increasingly heated, organisations are looking to reskill their existing workforce to plug the skills gap.

Article by 27 July 2023


It’s time to re-think the way we learn from each other

‘The team is a company’s best asset.’ Without an engaged, committed team, a company’s growth trajectory is limited. A team filled with motivated individuals ensures proactivity and future success. In our hybrid and remote world, this is more important than ever. It’s time to create a culture of knowledge-sharing and upskilling using collaborative learning.

Article by 16 June 2023


Learning culture to go? How to transform your company into a learning organisation.

To compete and survive in these fast-moving times requires the openness to listen and learn from each other, be bold and experiment. One way to influence these elements is by fostering an organisational culture that encourages curiosity, development, and continuous learning — in short, a learning culture. Where do organisations start and what buttons should they push?

Article by 28 April 2023


What CHROs need to know about CIO succession

The cost of poor CIO succession is significant, both from a financial and morale perspective. In addition to heightening risk and the interruption to technology projects, the board loses its ‘right hand’ on all technology matters and the business loses a critical enabler of the core strategy.

Article by 23 January 2023


Developing EI for Managers in a VUCA World

Developing emotional intelligence skills is important for leaders in this current VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), helping them to build strong and effective teams, make better decisions, and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. This can be key to achieving success in a complex and dynamic environment.

Article by 20 December 2022


How mixed reality is offsetting the labour shortage

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the past couple years, it’s just how resilient we can be. The labor shortage may continue to be an ongoing problem for many years to come, but that doesn’t mean it’s an insurmountable obstacle. By implementing advanced technologies, including MR among others, enterprises are able to position themselves to better deal with anything that comes their way.

Article by 2 December 2022


Learning and development in the hybrid workplace

Hybrid working, a fiercely competitive labour market, the world economic stage and ever-tightening budgetary requirements, how can we reconfigure organisational learning and development (L&D) opportunities in the reshaped workplace?

Article by 3 April 2022