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Andrew Rayment

How to retain talent through enhanced learning and development

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sense of widespread uncertainty for businesses, with many forced to shut down overnight when the government announced lockdown. This period compelled employers to reflect on the way their business operates and consider what they expect from their employees – and what employees have come to expect from them. Although many businesses will be highly appreciative of the hard work of their team during this difficult time, bonuses and other financial rewards may not be a viable form of recognition in the current climate.

Article by 29 October 2020

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

The role of wellbeing in a manager’s learning and development

Learning and development is typically thought of as a way to improve the effectiveness of a business and its team. Improving skill sets, enhancing knowledge and assisting your team’s personal and professional growth can have a big impact on your business. Employees will ultimately bring more to the table - using their new-found expertise to boost output. This will help your business to deliver great results, whether you’re offering a product or a service.

Article by 26 August 2020

John Varney

Through a glass darkly

We all have the challenge of matching what we know (in our heads) with the reality of the world (outside our heads).  We begin to tackle this task as soon as we are born and it should never stop. We get to an approximation that is generally borne out by colleagues and media. Unfortunately gaps can open up and we can struggle to maintain our touch. For instance, a senior police officer was surprised to realise that the attitude of the commissioner showed up in the behaviour of front line officers. Similarly, managers often struggle to see that the quality of their thinking is reflected in the quality of their organisation’s service delivery.

Article by 8 November 2018

Chris Furnell

We’re serious: the end of dating

“We’re serious: this is the end of dating” As I sat calculating my route on the London Underground, an advert caught my eye. eHarmony were making a statement more of us need to consider. And I’m serious. Imagine it really was the end? What would eHarmony become? With this context in mind, I’ll pose a question. It’s a sensitive one, particularly in an age where few people seem to know what’s next, but stick with me for a few minutes:

Article by 6 November 2018

Chris Furnell

The elephant in the room

In summary: The seat you should be focused on is in the staff canteen Talk to people about their problems, stop guessing everything they need to know Drop perfectionism, start experimenting; the test & learn mentality is highly rewarding Measure everything and use the insight to improve, change or start again Invest in your analytical and storytelling skills

Article by 3 August 2018