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How senior leaders can build trust in today’s human-centric era of work

At the beginning of the pandemic, employees reported feeling relieved because senior leaders were making fast and impactful decisions, staying connected, and demonstrating a genuine concern for their well-being. Engagement scores increased by an average of 6% during that time but have since declined. Now, employees want that relationship back.

Article by 18 July 2023


The skill that distinguishes great leaders

The failure rate of leaders of newly appointed leader is high and many don’t succeed in their new roles, often failing during the first 12 months of their new tenure. This is widely written about with failure rates cited as anywhere from 30 to 60%. The reason for this is likely due to the absence of a critical skill that separates great leaders from the rest.

Article by 15 June 2023


The growing disconnect between employees and employers

It's essential for business leaders to realize that it's the workplace that needs to change, not the employees. By doing these three things, leaders can meet employees where they are and create more inclusive workplaces where everyone feels seen, heard and like they belong.

Article by 2 June 2023


Strategies for success in building a strong leadership team

Effective leadership is essential for any organization's success. To cultivate a thriving leadership team, businesses should prioritize key leadership qualities, diversity, and leadership development. Building a strong leadership team can set the tone for the entire organization, drive innovation and growth, and help leaders make the right decisions.

Article by 19 May 2023


Questions to ask to assess inclusive leadership skills

Inclusive leaders get better business results - lower turnover, high engagement, more innovation - just to name a few. Yet, sometimes leaders don’t know what to say or do to show they are inclusive. Delloite has researched and developed the 6 C’s of inclusive leadership - cognizance, courage, commitment, collaboration, cultural intelligence, and curiosity.

Article by 2 May 2023



As increasingly so called “great leaders” fall on their swords, and as we see another generation of so called “most influential’s” having to hang their head in shame as their actions don’t match their proclaimed values, I am reminded in my quiet retirement of the greatest leader I have ever had.

Article by 20 September 2022