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The clock is ticking on EU settlement scheme applications

In this article, we seek to address some of the common concerns and provide some practical tips on the steps employers can take in the final few weeks to protect against the risks associated with employing illegal workers.

Article by 18 June 2021


What’s going on in HR

Due to the advantage of lower prices, improved quality triggered by healthy competition, more choices at the hands of consumers, less corruption due to the pressure of survival followed by less red tape, and quicker delivery, the Government of Bangladesh encourages privatization with a view to developing and strengthening the economy of the country by bringing more opportunities for income for its people.

Article by 27 December 2018


Three ways to beat recent price rises when buying IPMI

Has the cost of your international private medical insurance (IPMI) ballooned? If so you are not alone. There have been significant increases in the cost of international policies for many employers, with prices up by as much as 50% in some cases.

Article by 27 June 2018