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The link between recognition and inclusivity

Employees with integrated recognition in their workplace culture are four times’ more likely to report high inclusion, and 13 times’ more likely to feel that they belong at the organisation.

Article by 25 July 2023


Fostering the next generation of female tech leaders in travel

The aviation industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution. Decision-makers and consumers alike can see dynamic shifts in the way we travel, from more personalised experiences and AI-powered trip planning to hydrogen-powered aircraft engines. With such cutting-edge technologies being increasingly developed and adopted as well as exciting opportunities across a rapidly changing travel industry, how do we encourage the next generation of female professionals to join us on the journey?

Article by 24 May 2023


The Lionesses are a big win for women’s equality

I’m particularly inspired by the Lionesses’ success as the mother of two daughters. This ground-breaking victory solidifies that it is no longer a man’s world. A woman can reach whatever goal she puts her mind to. Though of course, we still face challenges…

Article by 5 September 2022


Beyond Pride Month – working inclusively all year round

June is Pride month, and many organisations celebrate pride at work by showing support and allyship to the LGBTQ+ community. The celebrations during Pride month are one thing, but are these organisations also working inclusively for the rest of the year?

Article by 20 July 2022


How to Calibrate Your Organisation to Become an Inclusion Champion for People of Determination

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives within the corporate sector have been surging lately as progressive organisations scramble for desired talent to sustain relevance and competitiveness in the Digital Age. However, achieving efficacy in proportional representation of conventionally marginalised segments of the workforce in promising career paths is proving to be a daunting goal. One of the key factors in the respective context is the inability of the disenfranchised to have a ‘loud and coherent voice’ by influential backers that resonates effectively throughout the corridors of power. Willing and capable ‘People of Determination’ are confronted with such a dilemma at each and every stage of their endeavours to make meaningful contributions to society. While technology has increased the possibility of adding more ‘People of Determination’ to the workforce, for example, as customer service representatives, app developers, bloggers, data scientists, etc., the overall contributions of ‘People of Determination’ at majority of the businesses are still relatively low and prone to promotional ‘organisational branding’ moves, rather than, concrete inductions as a significant element of strategic initiatives.

Article by 4 May 2021