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Is automated recruiting hurting DEI efforts?

Diverse talent is critically important because different people hold different perspectives and, therefore, will approach tasks and solve problems differently. We need to diversify the talent pool in a variety of ways—not by over-simplifying demographic breakdown into skin tone, race, and ethnicity, but rather by recognizing differences in financial status and lifestyle.

Article by 27 August 2023


Preparing for cybersecurity crisis communication

Coherent communication with employees during a crisis is essential to effective incident response. As such, HR’s role in crisis management should focus on swift and clear team conversations.

Article by 18 August 2023


The #1 password in HR Is unfortunately still “password”

A troubling study revealed the classic password “password” reigns supreme for HR departments. Without changes, this habit can lead to information theft and cybersecurity breaches. The news is a reminder to brush up on best password practices to increase cybersecurity hygiene in these departments with highly sensitive information.

Article by 12 June 2023


How to use ChatGPT to enhance HR processes

ChatGPT offers productivity and efficiency benefits for HR teams and recruitment processes, from tackling administrative duties to making onboarding easier for new hires. If you’re unsure where to begin in integrating AI into your processes, this article will give you some inspiration on where to start.

Article by 6 April 2023


Making talent and tech a winning formula

Investors and venture capitalists have significantly increased funding in the human resources (HR) technology market in recent years. To fully leverage the potential of these technologies, it is necessary to inform them with psychological insights and guide HR management with scientific methods. This article delves into the intersection of technology and science in the field of HR and demonstrates how integrating them can enhance organizational performance.

Article by 15 February 2023


Boosting efficiency with predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is a form of data analysis that uses statistics and machine learning to predict future trends, behaviors, and outcomes. Predictive analytics allows HR professionals to make sense of growing amounts of employees and market data to identify potential challenges associated with employee recruitment, retention, performance management, and other key areas of HR management. Importantly, predictive analytics-based tools are much less biased about a candidate’s competencies and make decisions solely on quantifiable information. 

Article by 14 December 2022


Taking data-driven HR to the next level

In our digital age, data has never been more important to the effective practice of HR. Practitioners require the insights yielded by advanced data analytics to better meet the needs of the company and make decisions that are aligned to business strategy.  Business leaders, meanwhile, use data to assess the value of HR and measure the effectiveness of key programmes. The use of data analytics is no longer a nice-to-have, but something that is business critical. The only question that remains is how best to integrate data and insights to drive next-level outcomes.

Article by 23 November 2022