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HR improvement initiatives: How to raise funding to boost growth

HR departments drive growth by securing funding for key initiatives. Seek external funding, demonstrate ROI to executives, build talent strategies, leverage tech for efficiency, outsource functions and improve constantly. Promoting innovation, open communication and addressing issues fosters productivity and growth. A thriving HR function is vital for success.

Article by 1 August 2023


Rising talent scarcity and how to overcome It

48% of employees have not received training or development in the last 12 months, but by providing training and development opportunities, businesses can help to build the skills and knowledge of their junior team members, which can lead to improved performance and increased productivity.

Article by 12 July 2023


What HR Directors can learn from customer service teams

Latest McKinsey research finds HR operating models need to be redesigned. Three of the more interesting HR innovations; Adopt agile principles to ensure both strict prioritisation of HR’s existing capacity and swift reallocation of resources when needed, enabling a fundamentally faster rate of change in the business and with people and how they work. Excel along the employee experience (EX) journey to win the race for talent in the time of the Great Attrition, enabling both employee health and resilience. Re-empower frontline leaders in the business to create human-centric interactions, reduce complexity, and put decision rights (back) where they belong.

Article by 21 April 2023


The new labour market: Why it’s different this time

The shortage of workers likely isn’t going to resolve itself anytime soon. The workers who retired early are not coming back and neither are those who pivoted to more skills-based positions. It’s crucial that you are changing your best practices to accommodate this new “not” normal and keep you ahead as we move forward with a smaller labor market.

Article by 29 March 2023


How to manage workload effectively

Workers are logging more hours and shouldering heavier workloads than ever before. In both work schedule and work volume, there’s been a steady moving of the goalposts for years.

Article by 20 March 2023


Six trends impacting HR and business In 2023

In the past few years, HR teams and business leaders have several challenges to contend with, from mass resignations to the threat of recession, budget issues and fast-moving tech advances which have transformed industries. In 2023, what are the common trends that companies need to be aware of to stay ahead?

Article by 5 March 2023


Voyage of discovery

It goes beyond identifying problem areas and looks at opportunity areas, where improvement, enhancement or optimisation of technology (or ways of working) can make a far more meaningful difference to a business’s performance.

Article by 31 January 2023


How to use psychology in recruitment

This article talks about the role of Psychology in recruitment. From identifying your company culture to making important decisions, making sure you correctly asses an employee its a very important step in the recruitment process

Article by 20 December 2022


Employers have a vital role with childcare, not just parents and government

Until we have a government that takes childcare seriously, it is down to employers to understand the business case and take action for their own workforces. Why lose good people – regardless of age and gender – because of local lack of decent affordable childcare?

Article by 4 August 2022