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THE BEAUTY OF SUCCESS: Start, Grow, and Accelerate Your Brand

Success is a deeply personal journey, unique to each individual. Kendra Bracken-Ferguson shares her own path to success, from intrapreneurship within large organisations to the bold leap into entrepreneurship, ultimately finding her true calling. Her experiences highlight the importance of defining success on your own terms, recognising the tools and attitudes needed to reach your goals.

What is success and how do you get there. It’s different for everyone and you really need to find what works for you but also what tools and attitude you need to get there.

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson reviews her experience in an effort to outline what you need to understand and setting yourself in for a long satisfying career. Bracken-Ferguson’s success was starting as an intrapreneur, taking the leap as an entrepreneur, resolving to go back to being an intrapreneur, and ultimately claiming her lifelong destiny as an entrepreneur.

By definition, intrapreneurship is the art of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. A real entrepreneur typically starts as an intrapreneur where they learn the ins and outs what really makes them tick and this is where they see the future and where they belong in it. The path to entrepreneurship is different for everyone.

Bracken-Ferguson offers tips for surviving as an intrapreneur – when someone asks to pick your brain and they are your boss, make sure they aren’t claiming your ideas, thoughts, or work as their own; stand up for yourself; do not allow anyone to change who you are; approach the situation with the best outcome that can happen in your mind, in other words stay positive.

Then you need to realize the responsibility faced by entrepreneurs means balancing a personal empathy for the team and the business with the practicality of running a business and being accountable for the livelihood of that team.

Bracken-Ferguson explains that when we think of building a successful business, a fulfilling life, and an abundant career, it is a simple equation; preparedness + opportunity = a tangible outcome that comes in the form of a service, a product, a brand, or an initiative. Then we get to the question of whether this outcome is fulfilling your desire and passion. This really gives you food for thought. Its not only about having a successful business but it’s about being fulfilled in your life and knowing you are successful.

Bracken-Ferguson reiterates that you must define what success looks like for you and what will enable you to live the highest expression of self that is soul-gratifying and rewarding, while also realizing that your viewpoint will change with time and experience. Be honest and truthful to yourself at all times.

How do you go about doing this and preparing yourself for your success, Bracken-Ferguson suggests that writing your thoughts regularly is a cleansing practice; it helps you to articulate your dreams, pain points, challenges, and desired success without judgment or dancing around other people’s feelings.

We are all magical and have the power to manifest our destinies through true self-actualization. For Bracken-Ferguson, self-actualization is unlocked through writing and finding those moments to clarify the pivots needed to continue on the journey. It rules all areas of business growth as a leader in her opinion.

Bracken-Ferguson experienced the Culture Index Survey (CI) process where she first set her nonnegotiable, which have guided her throughout her journey. She was experiencing as an entrepreneur with an intrapreneur’s robe on and the impact it was having on her true ability to fulfill her passion and live out her dreams. CI helps business achieve greatness through their people.

Bracken-Ferguson realizes that one of the pillars that she profoundly believes in and credits with so much of her success, stemmed from the protection that was wrapped around her in the form of mentorship. There is much to be said about mentors, champions, and sponsors, and she know firsthand the benefits of both at various stages of her career. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those around you and to your network.

Your career does not have to follow a straight path in a way that others understand or even relate to. You should figure out what you enjoy in each job so that you can figure out what your next move is, even if it’s a lateral move or changing industries.

Clarity on who you are, what you want out of life, and how you choose to spend your time is the key to success and job satisfaction explains Bracken-Ferguson. As intrapreneurs you must be clear on your boundaries and how much of yourself you are willing to give to someone else’s company. As entrepreneurs do you have the freedom that being your own boss can provide?

When you are able to stand in your power by knowing your value, honoring what you uniquely bring to the table, boldly expressing your goals, and claiming your nonnegotiable, your life truly can be extraordinary on your own terms.

Bracken-Ferguson strongly supports the fact that you need to believe in your value, your importance, and your worth and to stand in your power. Both types of leaders are needed to fuel our economy and our society. One path is not more important than the other, the one you take is up to you.

In everything you do, no matter what path you are on, start with imagining the best that can happen. Hold that feeling as you navigate your way through. Dream as big as you can without restrictions, without boundaries, and without fear that it won’t work out.

Bracken-Ferguson’s goal has been to bring you the collective wisdom, insights, and knowledge that can only be uncovered through community sharing and I believe she has been successful in achieving this. Now it’s up to you!!

Published by Wiley

Reviewed by Monique Vander Eyken, HR Consultant – MVE Consulting

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