The Soft Skills Book

The Soft Skills Book

Author: Dan White
Review by: Kirstie Jones

Well, what a great little book to have in your back pocket and one I wished I had available to me when I was starting out on my career. The style of the book and the brilliant way it is laid out are so easy to use, read and digest.

If you have recently graduated or are starting your career, or even changing roles and going into something new I highly recommend you get a copy of this book. The format is perfect for dipping in and out. Loads of tips and advice and some real insight into how to manage in your working environment.

It takes management speak into the simplest of forms, allowing the reader to really understand how to use the frameworks contained within to great effect.

It is one of those books that I suspect will be kept on desks or in work bags for a long time. If you were unsure of a situation you can pick up the book, find the chapter that will support you and the simple tips and advice will give you the confidence to navigate your way through.

My favourite chapter is the one on presentations, as we all know these can be daunting when you first approach them but have a read and you will be comfortably able to present with ease.

All in all, this book is one to keep and one I will be sharing with my team.

Published by Lid Publishing

Kirstie Jones, Group People Director of Salutem Shared Services Limited