The Project Revolution – How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

The Project Revolution – How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

Author: Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
Review by: Su Askew

I have worked in organisations implementing and delivering small and large-scale strategic projects, so I was naturally interested in what a project revolution might look like – bring it on! I’m certain most of us have seen many projects fail and money be wasted for many reasons and been frustrated by it!!

It makes for a slightly alarming, and a little distressing read, to be presented with so many rich examples of how large-scale projects have failed, monumentally, despite often having huge resource and investment. This book is bulging at the seams with examples from giant public sector projects and large IT implementations, adding considerable weight to the purpose of this book – to take us on the project journey. It’s almost impossible not to know that there is a revolution of work taking place all around us. Industries are hungry for disruption and change and more importantly, real tangible success criteria. We can all be inspired by the idea of innovation and transformation, but how can we change.

The book to me was akin to the bad and ugly project, turned good. Be prepared to take time to understand just how quickly we got to where we are today, over engineering the ‘project’. It asks why do so many operations fail, and what is the true cost? Aside from the fact that there no shortage of research, education and process policy to perfect the project, from ISO, Six Sigma, project management qualifications to create the ultimate project manager or director, yet there is still so much failure.

The second half of the book focuses on great projects, demonstrating the exceptional results that can be obtained. Expertly visionary and passionate, it champions the need for detail and rigour in project design but with a more simplified process, that’s not easy in huge complex projects.

There are a number of versions of a project canvas being applied in many projects globally and we see here a canvas designed by the author specifically with his formidable experience. If you are approaching a largescale IT implementation and want to break the costly, traditional project consultant approach. Or perhaps you are up to hacking the traditional public sector approach, then the canvas is something that will help you focus on the key priorities including the purpose and passion of the project. This book will throw light on unique proven approaches, like the tips for recruiting the greatest talent, ensuring they are dedicated on your project 100% of the time and the benefit of constant prototyping… so expect your project to deliver.

There is also application for the smaller scale project here, it might be hard to see initially but the canvass will work on small scale too…something for anyone involved in implementation and project direction, they will certainly see value in this book.

Su Askew – ValueSelling Associates

Published by Lid