Review by: Jo Twiselton

In this fascinating and very different book, Nicholas Janni introduces a new style of leadership that feels much needed in our post-Covid world. Leaders are facing an unprecedented landscape of challenges that demand different approaches to the traditional left brain thinking (focused on ‘doing’) which has dominated leadership for years.

Over six chapters, Janni lays out a path that blends leadership with a more spiritual and holistic perspective, moving from a focus on ‘doing’ to rebalancing with ‘being’.  He suggests that traditional analytical and left brain thinking needs to be balanced with greater presence, intuition and sense of purpose.

It’s very evident that Janni‘s background brings a very unique and valuable perspective to this subject. Blending his insights into the state of our post-Covid world, with background theory around a host of topics such as neuroscience, embodiment and vulnerability and combining very easy-to-action steps, this is a guide to developing a more holistic (and human) approach to leadership that moves us away from disconnection.

‘Leader as Healer’ is very different to the typical, ‘standard’ read about leadership.  A compelling read that through six chapters includes an exploration of principles and practices around emotions, reconnection to purpose, mindfulness and meditation and presence, offering leaders a very different perspective.

In the final Postscript, we get a fascinating glimpse into Nicholas Janni’s story and what set him on his own path of discovery through Buddhist text, theatre and leadership development and some of the ideas in ‘Leader as Healer’.

It’s highly readable and, unlike other books I’ve read in a similar vein, the style of writing actively encourages you to pause and reflect at regular points to really absorb and practice the ideas and concepts that are shared. Specific exercises and reflection points support this approach throughout the book.

Although it’s easy to read and very engaging, this book carries great impact.  For leaders who are looking for another approach to navigate the very different world we’re facing, ‘Leader as Healer’ provides a practical handbook on the steps to take to building a much more embodied approach, connecting mind, body and spirit.

When I’d turned the last page, I was left with a feeling of real hope that, despite the narrow and disconnected leadership role models we see so often, there is a great opportunity for a much more holistic, compassionate approach that can support change for the better.

Published by LID Publishing.

Jo Twiselton, Change coach & consultant, founder of Twist Consultants