The Energized Workplace: Designing organizations where people flourish

The Energized Workplace: Designing organizations where people flourish

Author: Perry Timms
Review by: Lucinda Carney

I was intrigued to read this book and felt the topic was particularly timely given the current environment. Certainly, the whole concept of harnessing and maximising energy at work has changed from something we take for granted to a wellbeing topic to be focused on.

This book is mainly aimed at HR and OD professionals but is relevant to anyone with an interest in people at work. Perry comes over as passionate about helping us to create working enviornments where we regenerate rather than deplete our energy at work and flip the 80/20 rule making 80% of us rather than the current 20% feeling engaged in our jobs.

There is a rule of 20 theme that runs through the book with every chapter featuring that number in the title. He gallops through a range of references from Taylorisim, to Jung, to Eastern philosophy and even quantum physics so no ordinary business book. These themes are encouraging us to connect our spiritual, psychological and physiological wellbeing at work.

For me, I found the final three chapters of the book the most useful and interesting, he dedicates a chapter to case studies of different workplaces and how they manage the energy levels of staff. The next chapter is highly practical and reflective, allowing you to focus in on our own energy levels and how to maximise them. Finally, he shares practical tools that can be capitalised on an utilised in the workplace, definitely a useful chapter for HR or OD professionals.

This is a well-researched yet eclectic book that I am sure many others will also find useful and enjoy.

Lucinda Carney, Host HRUprising Podcast. CEO Actus Software and author of ‘How to be a Change Superhero’

Published by Kogan Page