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If you’re keeping up with the latest tech trends, you certainly know that there’s a lot of buzz around AI and the huge impact it has on every business that adopts it.

But do you know in what ways AI can really impact the business world?

Many people think of AI as a force of disruption that will take over plenty of jobs. Others believe that it will actually create more jobs than it displaces.

One research by Gartner predicts that AI will automate 1.8 million people out of a job by 2020, but it also predicts that it will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020.

The future will tell whether or not these predictions are accurate. For now, let’s focus on the most notable ways AI will change work as we know it.

Automating Time-Consuming Processes
Automation is the most common application of AI these days. AI-powered tools can automate menial, time-consuming tasks, and save companies a lot of time and money.

Employees can have more time on their hands to focus on what’s really important. They can focus on providing outstanding customer service, and generating more leads and revenue.

As various menial tasks require both mental and physical effort, AI automation can also help employees improve health, reduce stress, and avoid burnout.

Artificial intelligence also eliminates the risk of human error, which can often be costly. If you use it to automate repetitive tasks, you’ll save a lot of money, and time that you would otherwise spend on fixing the issues.

Improving Workplace Safety
AI can be hugely beneficial in industries where people work in very serious conditions, where accidents can have potentially devastating consequences.

For instance, employees working in the automotive industry deal with a variety of complex and dangerous tasks.

Industrial robots powered by AI can safely and easily handle those tasks and successfully prevent any potential accidents.

In doing so, AI can also improve product safety. It can ensure proper manufacturing and maintenance of various products, from home appliances to vehicles.

Businesses can rest assured, knowing they’re selling safe products that aren’t defective in any way and will not cause serious injuries.

Eliminating Bias in Hiring
You’re certainly aware of the fact that bias in hiring is real. Even if a recruiter or HR manager doesn’t think they’re biased, unconscious bias may be preventing them from making the right decisions.

This is where AI can be of great help. AI can eliminate bias in hiring by identifying any potential patterns of bias, helping you make better decisions.

It can help you hire the right people based on what matters: their work-related skills and qualifications.

Using AI in the hiring process can also speed up the process. Needless to say, AI cannot do all the work on its own. You need the human touch, but AI can enhance the process significantly, and make it more effective.

It can also help you screen job candidates to find out which positions they would perform the best. That way, you’ll always hire the best talent for the right job positions.

Empowering Healthcare
AI-driven tools have more and more applications in the healthcare industry. The latest predictions by Forbes revealed that AI in healthcare will cross $1.7 billion in 2019.

AI can help with early diagnosis, helping medical professionals devise the best possible treatment plans before any symptoms even appear.

And since AI provides accurate results, without any risk of human error, a doctor can make sure they truly provide the best treatments.

Artificial intelligence can also benefit in drug discovery and medical research.

It can analyze huge amounts of data in seconds, and make accurate predictions about which drug combinations are most likely to be successful. It can also help match suitable patients to clinical studies.

AI solutions can also enable doctors to monitor and examine patients remotely, helping them always provide the best possible patient care.

AI-powered chatbots are also widely used in healthcare, as they can provide 24/7 patient support.

Creating Intuitive Training Programs
AI tools can provide great assistance in both education and employee training. It can help create content that best helps students and employees master their skills.

AI does this best when it’s combined with LMS software. LMS software solutions can help you monitor your users’ performance to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

When you add AI to the equation, you can create better content and plan highly-intuitive training programs based on your users’ performance.

It can help you better understand your users, personalize the learning experience, and adjust their learning paths to meet their every need.

LMS software provides you with accurate, insightful reports and analytics to help you improve the training, but AI can definitely take that a step further.

Key Takeaways
Artificial intelligence will definitely disrupt the future of work, but it can have a positive impact if people decide to use it wisely.

If you make sure humans and AI are working together to enhance work, AI can become your important partner for better efficiency and higher profitability.

If you want to ensure that the future is truly bright, and AI actually brings you fantastic benefits, you should definitely make room for it in your organization.

But remember, only when people work alongside AI can you experience the greatest benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

Kamy Anderson, Market Researcher at ProProfsLos Angeles, California

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