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The top 5 tips to improve staff wellbeing

At BRITA VIVREAU, we have conducted new Research to found out what what office workers say helps improve their wellbeing at work and what they would like their employers to provide. We want to help employers use their office spaces to create supportive, positive and productive workplace cultures which can ultimately contribute to staff retention and improved productivity.

Article by 6 September 2023


Don’t lose your team to stress.

“A recent study by the HSE found that stress, depression, and anxiety accounted for 17 million days lost work in 2021/22.  With this in mind I feel it is vitally important that employers take care of their staff’s well-being and support them. And this shouldn’t be something we focus on for just one month of the year but should be an on-going concern.”

Article by 27 April 2023


How will employers keep up with demands for mental health support?

EAPs are being treated as a frontline emergency service and involved with complex, long-term cases of mental illness (68% of employees contacting EAP services in 2022 were offered the support of counselling (640,250 people used an EAP service, and due to their situation and symptoms, 434,250 were offered counselling).

Article by 20 April 2023


The importance of healthy eating cannot be overstated

As a manager, part of your job is to inspire your team to do what you want them to do. Typically, this relates directly to their work performance. Their work performance can, however, be directly influenced by their health.

Article by 14 March 2023


This is not simply a financial crisis, but a humanitarian one

With talk of a significant recession, a long-term effort is required to help people cope with what’s happening and everyone has a part to play in ensuring we come through it, collectively, with as little suffering as possible.Employers too have a responsibility to support staff with mental health issues, both in understanding their triggers and taking reasonable measures to ensure they are not exacerbated at work.

Article by 30 November 2022


Mental health support must run deeper than quirky benefits

It’s no surprise that companies will want to try innovative ways to boost positive mental health and that’s great: but just remember that support needs to be weaved into your everyday approach, in the way that your management structure operates, and within your culture.

Article by 1 November 2022