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With successful work experience supported by good fortune a superior position is achieved where one becomes a departmental head & as the position demands the whole department reports to the head. It is not less than a challenge, rather with each passing day it becomes apparent that working as the reporting boss is way more difficult than being a colleague with the same fellows. The rules, norms & code of conduct suddenly reforms. In this new area of responsibility, the new boss must be very careful to promote a right & fair culture. There are certain things which should not be done, some of those are:-

Dividing employees on the basis of likings:
One serious mistake is when the boss unconsciously makes a difference among employees. It will be natural that not all the reporting employees will be equally liked. They will have their own ways of socialising. Some will greet regularly & some will occasionally. Some will have a happy vibe with their gaits & approach others will be restrained & reserved in front of boss. But a boss should be equally accessible to all kinds.

Hanging out with particular one/s:
There will be some common interest with some of the colleagues which will lead to spending more time together & which means giving less time to others. So some hang outs away from office to some other places might seem a logical outcome of the bond. If it continues surely it will create a major dissatisfaction among other colleagues who are left out. So a boss has to be careful not to move with particular one/s too often.

Idolising someone:
Some colleagues will try their best to impress the new boss others will just focus on their work & concentrate less on this additional effort to be seen & talked about. But the boss must understand & be able to distinguish between genuine effort & fake presentation. Emotion is something should not guide a boss in this case. While talking with others or even in any informal get together mentioning one employee’s name idolizing again & again gives a notion of being biased to that employee.

Addressing only a few names in meetings:
Showing much attention and sincerity to one particular person or calling out only a few names among lot others is a big letdown for rest of the employees. The fascination towards some indicates that others have not yet been able to secure a favorable position in boss. It has a negative effect. Some employees think, why I should be as sincere as my boss does not recognize me! It affects the productivity.

Speaking more & listening less!
Another glitch is not listening properly. When someone is in charge of a group of people, there has to be a patient practice of listening to employees. Listening more is essential so that a clear picture can be drawn about everyone. But if the boss is busy in speaking more than listening then things won’t work out properly. Generally employees have lots of things to share & suggest but if they are given less scope for that rather they have to listen to more, they like to avoid meeting with boss.

Interpersonal communication can be effective if these glitches can be avoided. A new boss is a new beginning and a symbol of new hope for the employees, so the role playing should be neutral so that a universal acceptance can be achieved by all reporting employees.

Abu Md. Abdullah, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration in Eastern University in Dhaka.

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