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Corporate Gamification – how to level up training

It’s easy to see why gamified education is so effective — it turns tedious learning into fun. Engaging game mechanics help trainees focus and enter a flow state while learning, but they can also change their mindset and approach towards acquiring new skills for their jobs.

Article by 19 April 2022


Enter a New Reality of Employee Training –
Prepare your workforce with simulated learning that mirrors real-life scenarios.

When virtual reality (VR) technology first came out it was a novelty primarily seen as an innovative way for gamers to dive into a digital world. It has grown into something so much more—a collaborative and interactive application that is a key tool in any modern workplace’s arsenal. Organisations that want to meet the expectations of the millennial and Gen Z workforce need to understand the types of technology they prefer to use, both for personal and professional use.

Article by 20 February 2020