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Happy healthy workplace – without breaking the bank

Approaching a forum of peers is often far less intimidating than approaching one’s manager. A committee of colleagues can therefore act as a safe space for junior and senior employees to voice their opinion and work towards a consensus.

Article by: Marianna Roach | Published: 19 February 2019

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Employees working from home can’t switch off

Flexible working provides huge benefits for employees – it means they can avoid lengthy and stressful commutes, work at times that fit them and their families, and focus clearly without other distractions. However, all these positives may be lost if employees continually work beyond their contracted hours.

Article by: Brian Hall | Published: 19 January 2019

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Why work-life balance is killing your ROI

With the myth of work-life balance secure, businesses can aggressively pursue bottom-line, profit-driven strategies, while the onus is on employees to find meaning and purpose in that realm called ‘life.’ Employers are not responsible for providing fulfilment at work because, in the immortal words of Don Draper, “that’s what the money’s for”.

Article by: Steve Dry | Published: 26 March 2018

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Seven Ways to get a better work-life balance

What is the perfect work-life balance? It will be different for everyone and all we appear to do is aim to achieve it, without actually getting anywhere.

Article by: A range of experts including Karen Meager and John McLachlan | Published: 3 October 2017

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How to successfully manage your time between working and entertaining your children this summer

It’s that time of year again and the six weeks or so that many parents dread; how to manage work and children over the summer holidays. Here’s the newsflash - there is no one right way to do this. All the great advice and recommendations from others may not work for you if they do not fit with how you think or process time. Article by Karen Meager and John McLachlan Co-founders of Monkey Puzzle Training and authors of co-authors of Time Mastery: Banish Time Management Forever.

Article by: Karen Meager and John McLachlan | Published: 12 July 2017

Fudged Time Recording Leading to Burnout

In its first annual Billing and Burnout Report, Kimble Applications, a global leader in professional services automation, analyzed and reported on the habits and burnout of employees that track billable hours (accountants, lawyers, IT consultants, marketers, etc.), finding that many employees under report the hours they work - a potentially dangerous little white lie.

Article by: Mark Robinson | Published: 7 May 2017

Thieves of time

“I don’t have the time to do what you do.” The implication is that somehow I have more free time, a less demanding job, or fewer family commitments. I must have heard this comment said to me dozens of times. Article by Dominic Irvine Epiphanies LLP.

Article by: Dominic Irvine | Published: 11 February 2017

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Workplace is stifling fathers’ aspirations

The UK is running the risk of creating a ‘fatherhood penalty’ - as fathers consider stalling or side-lining their careers to find roles they can better combine with family life, according to a major new study. Comment from Denise Priest, Director of Employer Partnerships at Bright Horizons.

Article by: Denise Priest | Published: 19 January 2017