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Five tips for achieving work/life balance in the Legal sector

Achieving a better work/life balance is becoming a growing priority among those seeking both locum and permanent legal roles. Candidates are even opting to take a slightly lower salary in favour of more flexible working conditions.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 26 May 2019

INTERNATIONAL – Work Life Balance comparisons

Overall country competitiveness is influenced by the social environment and regulatory regime set down by governments, coupled with the corporate efficiency. Multinationals take decisions to move manufacturing or support services to countries to take advantage of global efficiencies and advantageous regulatory regimes. The research from the WEF reflects this. The opportunity for multinationals is therefore, to explore how they can maximise the productivity and employee welfare within each country by focusing on well-being as a driver for a strong, happy and productive workforce.

Article by: Simon Ball | Published: 19 February 2019