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Turkey – Supreme Court Rules that Borrowing Money from Customer is Just Cause for Termination

In Turkey, the Supreme Court recently issued a decision concerning an employee’s dismissal for borrowing money from their employer’s customer. The Supreme Court reversed the first-instance labour court decision and ruled that the termination was lawful based on the fact that the employee had acted against the rule of integrity and honesty and damaged the employer’s reputation.

Article by: Beri̇l Yayla Sapan and Pınar Ece Bişkin | Published: 1 August 2018

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Turkey – New act aims to ease employment law workload for judiciary

The Labour Courts Act No. 7036 (Act) aims to ease the judiciary’s workload and accelerate the judicial process in employment cases. The most significant changes include the following: Mandatory mediation is introduced for both employers and employees prior to initiating lawsuits; There is a new obligation on courts to provide calculations for damages in reinstatement cases; The time period for bringing an employment claim has been reduced, although it still stands at five years. 

Article by: Rıza Gümbüşoğlu and Beri̇l Yayla Sapan | Published: 25 June 2018

Turkey – new AE pension legislation explained

The Amendment Act of August 25 2016 introduced into Turkish law the automatic enrolment of employees in private pension plans. As a result, employees under the age of 45 must be enrolled in a private pension plan as part of a pension agreement between their employer and a pension company. Contributor Beri̇l Yayla Sapan - Gün + Partners (Turkey).

Article by: Beri̇l Yayla Sapan | Published: 21 June 2018