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INTERNATIONAL – The Rise of The Digital Nomad

Labour shortages in financial and business services are to be most severe, according to the study, with innovative technology fields also hit – global tech giant Microsoft announced earlier this year that a global skills shortage is affecting the fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) field. It’s not news that the desire for greater workplace flexibility is on the rise. Working from home used to be a real coup for employees who would relish the thought of logging into the work system in their pyjamas and breaking off for a cup of tea whenever they liked.

Article by: Article contributed by Ius Laboris | Published: 6 December 2018

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The Netherlands – Dutch health care in crisis

The Dutch health care sector faces many challenges: less young people enter the health care sector, the Dutch overall population is getting older and as a consequence there is an increase in the work pressure on the health care personnel, an increase in the amount of violence with as a result a decrease in client and employee satisfaction.

Article by: Anouk ten Arve, Annemieke Roobeek, Jacques de Swart and Myrthe van der Plas | Published: 29 August 2018