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How to optimise Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

According to research by The Open University Business, the total cost of the UK skills shortage is £6.3 billion a year and SMEs, which make up a large portion of businesses in the UK, shoulder the majority of the cost. Contributor John Williams, Head of Marketing & Research - Instant Offices.

Article by: John Williams | Published: 25 September 2018

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We were taught to share: Workplace Social Media in 2017

As businesses enter 2017 with new ideas and perspectives on the direction of the relative progression of both company and employees, attention is turned to the social elephant in the room.

Article by: So.Social Media | Published: 7 January 2017

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Gamifying Goodness

How nice are you? The xocial online community is calculating and curating “competitive kindness” to help people out-nice each other, and make the world a better place.

Article by: | Published: 14 October 2016

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How much social media screening is acceptable

The meteoric rise of social media has inevitably led some hirers to consider it as a research tool for screening prospective employees. Martyn Makinson, Managing Director of Ionic Recruitment.

Article by: | Published: 12 May 2015

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Social media’s our new shop window

Just two in ten job candidates tailor their LinkedIn profile when going for new job But more than three-fifths remember to make their CV relevant for specific posts. Three-quarters of applicants are comfortable with future employees viewing their online profiles

Article by: | Published: 16 February 2015

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To tweet or not to tweet in the workplace?

The growth in the use of social media in recent years has been phenomenal. Communications regulator, Ofcom, reported only this month, that UK adults now use technology for more hours each day than they spend sleeping. Article by Jane Cox employment partner at national law firm Weightmans

Article by: | Published: 21 August 2014

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Human Resources and Social Media – Facebook fiasco

Restricting access to messaging, social and video services fuels employee disobedience, Samsung research reveals. British employees are the most likely in Europe to ignore workplace restrictions on social media, messaging apps and cloud storage apps, according to a new study involving 4,500 office workers launched today by Samsung Electronics.

Article by: | Published: 4 August 2014

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Empty chairs in empty offices?

How will offices of the future differ to the traditional workplace, the blueprint of which was designed generations ago and is still widely prevalent? Asks Richard Kauntze, Chief Executive of the British Council of Offices (BCO).

Article by: | Published: 14 May 2014

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Call that a social media policy?… lol

If you Google ‘social media policies’ you will find a veritable plethora of information, articles, links and opinion. Much of that information will advise you on how to write such a policy, what to cover, defining acceptable behaviour, explaining sanctions, monitoring… the list goes on. Gemma Reucroft looks at the practicalities of having such a policy for your organisation.

Article by: | Published: 15 April 2014