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Recruitment trends in 2019

Technology has seen huge changes in 2018 – GDPR, AI, automation and blockchain have entered public consciousness, and are seemingly here to stay. 2019 is likely to be even more transformative, with the working work set to completely change. Tempo, the AI enabled recruitment platform, have listed the top 5 trends that will dominate the headlines.

Article by: Ben Chatfield | Published: 27 December 2018

APAC – Eight Keys to Great Candidate Engagement

In my first two articles, we looked at some significant challenges to early talent engagement in APAC. Whilst these might feel dire, the good news is that technology has the power to offer a helping hand with providing this crucial personalised messaging. Indeed candidates expect organizations to use modern approaches to provide this to them.

Article by: Samir Khelil, Far East & APAC Director – Oleeo. | Published: 23 November 2018

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Tips to hire employees who will stick and not sail

Are you looking to hire talent for a long journey? Well, Recruiting has never been an easy task and ever since the growth of Job hoppers have taken a new leap, it has become challenging to search for employees that will stick with your organisation for long.

Article by: Jasika Adams | Published: 20 November 2018

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New generations bring changing expectations to APAC – Adapt to Survive!

Hiring for graduate programs or internships or internships is no small feat. Although APAC is now home to over 55 percent of the world’s graduate population (and growing), the region is not immune to the global talent shortage. Indeed Manpower found Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to be 3 of the top 4 countries suffering of the most talent shortage worldwide

Article by: Samir Khelil | Published: 2 November 2018

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AI can transform recruitment if algorithms are tuned correctly

Reports suggest that an algorithm that was being tested as a recruitment tool by online giant Amazon was sexist and had to be scrapped. Whilst unconfirmed, this news raises a number of questions about how artificial intelligence or machine learning should be applied to talent acquisition in a way that will not pick up the unconscious bias of humans.

Article by: Charles Hipps | Published: 15 October 2018

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Are culture and fit dead when it comes to recruitment strategies?

There have been recent arguments over the place of ‘culture and fit’ in HR and recruiting. It’s being argued that the necessity for prioritising cultural fit in recruitment strategy is passé, even redundant. However, I think we need to appreciate that assessment of that argument depends on each candidate as they present, and what the client is looking for.

Article by: Lorraine Thomas | Published: 2 October 2018

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How to optimise Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

According to research by The Open University Business, the total cost of the UK skills shortage is £6.3 billion a year and SMEs, which make up a large portion of businesses in the UK, shoulder the majority of the cost. Contributor John Williams, Head of Marketing & Research - Instant Offices.

Article by: John Williams | Published: 25 September 2018

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South Africa – criminal record checks on new recruits

In South Africa potential employers will often do a criminal background check on a candidate for a permanent, contract or volunteer position. It is the most common background check done in South Africa despite the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) records not always being up to date and that the check the does not provide information unless the candidate has been convicted of a crime in South Africa.

Article by: Jenny Reid | Published: 19 September 2018

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Asia Pacific – Why engagement is key in APAC

Recruiters across APAC ranked Talent acquisition as the 3rd largest challenge their organisations are faced with, according to the Deloitte Future World of Work report. Speaking to recruiters covering 16 different countries in APAC, and seeing for myself just how different talent acquisition actually is across the region has been a fascinating learning curve. Contributor Samir Khelil.

Article by: Samir Khelil | Published: 5 September 2018

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Why SMEs are struggling to attract younger talent

Those leaving education and looking for work may be missing out on potential employment opportunities simply by failing to consider Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the advantages they offer. Just a third (35 percent) of Generation Z and Millennials leaving full time education, whether that be school, college or university, say they wish to work for an SME.

Article by: Matt Hutnell | Published: 31 August 2018