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How to manage large volumes of recruitment

Many businesses in the UK experience large volumes of recruitment, you may need to hire or recruit large teams, graduate programmes, seasonal demands or regular recruiting, and so making sure you have the best recruitment processes in place to reach, manage and secure the right candidates quickly could easily mean the difference between success and failure.

Article by: Richard Clarke | Published: 26 April 2018

What will dominate the future of recruitment?

The biggest trends set to change how recruiters hire this year are diversity, reinventing the interview process, data and artificial intelligence. The annual report surveyed over 8,800 recruiters and hiring managers from 39 countries to understand these trends and help recruitment teams prepare for 2018. This is According to LinkedIn’s latest Global Recruiting Trends report.

Article by: Jon Addison | Published: 14 February 2018

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Recruiter battle for strongest graduates grows in intensity

The recruiter battle for the strongest graduates is becoming so intense with students more empowered than ever before – making engagement and candidate experiences the top recruiter priorities, according to two industry leaders. In a study of almost one million applicants and excerpts of responses from almost 40,000 business students across four international regions.

Article by: Charles Hipps | Published: 5 February 2018

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Graduate Recruitment Trends 2018

So what trends will dominate in 2018? With more and more first-class graduates entering the recruitment market, it’s increasingly difficult to identify the high calibre talent employers are looking for. That’s why recruitment will be focusing more on key behaviours in 2018, rather than qualifications and educational background.

Article by: Charlie Taylor | Published: 21 January 2018

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The impact of awards on recruitment – A signal to attract top-talent

What is a company without its employees?  The heart and soul of every great company is its people and the most successful organisations are those which recruit the right people.  People with passion, drive, and a shared sense of purpose. Recruitment can be the difference between success and failure. Between expanding or stagnating; being a leader or lagging behind.

Article by: City and Guilds Group | Published: 15 January 2018

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Recruiters Beware – candidates are customers

A new survey of professionals across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), has found that, regardless of whether they felt the role was a good fit, a staggering eight-in-10 (81 ) respondents are unlikely to accept a job offer if they were treated poorly during the recruitment process.

Article by: Jonathan Brown, Managing Director, Solutions, EMEA – Futurestep. | Published: 25 December 2017

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Job hunting, the last taboo

Analysis by the world’s largest job site Indeed reveals half of us don’t even tell our partner when applying for a new role. Personal relationships are the most popular topic for sharing online, with job seeking and personal finance the most off-limits.

Article by: Paul D’Arcy | Published: 30 November 2017

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Why Recruitment Compliance will be a key HR theme in 2018

If your new hire attrition rate is over the odds, it would be worth reviewing recruitment compliance. For example, a more rigorous psychometric test may be needed to identify whether a candidate is a good cultural fit or if they have the mental resilience to succeed. Identify these characteristics before onboarding, and you could save time and money in the long run.

Article by: Anna Dickson | Published: 9 November 2017

Getting social recruitment right

Like the vast majority of recruiters (94 percent according to a recent survey by Jobvite) you’re probably already using, or are considering using, social media to reach out to potential candidates. When it works well, recruitment is all about making the perfect match between candidate, role, and company. The internet and social media bring greater transparency to recruitment, enabling companies and candidates to not only find one another, but find out about one another in greater detail than ever before.

Article by: Joanne Regan-Iles | Published: 9 November 2017

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Recruiting talent only part of the leadership gap solution

The technical abilities that helped them excel up to this point. But because they haven’t learned how to transition from doer to manager, they end up pushing, rather than leading, their teams.

Article by: Tom Roth | Published: 19 October 2017