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January January

January Doesn’t Have To Be Blue

January is often the bluest month of them all as everyone’s in a post-Christmas funk and eagerly looking forward to pay day. But it doesn’t have to be like this! In fact January brings those frosty starts to the day, that cosy feeling you get when it’s dark and cold outside, and a warm and toasty office.

Article by: Emily Wells | Published: 6 February 2018

presenteeism presenteeism

UK employers must tackle presenteeism to improve productivity

New research from Bupa has found that two-thirds (64%) of UK employees have gone into work within the last 12 months despite feeling unwell, and a third (27%) have ignored their doctor’s advice to stay at home. Presenteeism is a growing challenge for UK employers, which needs to be tackled because of the impact it can have on productivity and absenteeism.

Article by: Adrian Lewis | Published: 22 January 2018

graduates graduates

How to boost productivity and employee engagement

Highly-engaged employees significantly impact your business, contributing to productivity and financial success. Enhancing employee engagement not only helps to counteract low levels of productivity but significantly improves profitability.

Article by: Iain Bell | Published: 18 January 2018

Pavement to Penthouse | Print – Issue 159 | Article of the Week

A one percent improvement, just one… that’s all we need to take productivity in the UK from the bottom, to the top of the international league table. Halting the plague of micromanagement across the business world would solve this at a stroke, and the role of the HR director is key.

Article by: Mike Taylor | Published: 17 January 2018

Dear Philip Hammond: Ad-hoc tech investment is no match for a decent apprenticeship strategy

Last month’s budget announcement was full of promise with regard to bridging the productivity and skills gap for the UK as Philip Hammond promised extra funding for artificial intelligence, skills and technology. But when it comes to helping young people find their feet in a struggling workforce, this ad-hoc government funding for impressive-sounding technology misses the mark.

Article by: Nat Gross, President at BIMA | Published: 21 December 2017

productive productive

Three top tips for a productive December

The Christmas holiday season is eagerly anticipated. But the forthcoming festivities mean that the number of working days in the month is curtailed – and at a time when planning for the new business year makes life busier than ever.

Article by: Richard Morris | Published: 18 December 2017

working from home working from home

The productivity paradox

British productivity figures have been a source of embarrassment for a while but they missed even the most pessimistic projections. German workers achieve in 4 days what their British counterparts struggle to achieve in 5, is the oft cited jibe. Now the latest stats show that productivity has been going down for most of this year. The Germans might yet get to knock off on Thursday lunch.

Article by: Bruce Daisley | Published: 19 November 2017

productive productive

Practical solutions for powering productivity

Hourly output fell 0.5% in the first three months of 2017 and the UK's productivity continues to lag behind its major trading partners such as the US, France and Germany. Analysis of productivity tends to focus on the macro level – the big picture for UK plc as a whole. However, most professionals are more interested in the micro level – namely, what can we do to make our company, division or team operate more productively? Typically, commentators identify three core elements to productivity: people, technology, and time.

Article by: Richard Morris | Published: 8 November 2017

travelling travelling

Six ways your employees can stay productive when travelling for business

But it can also be stressful, tiring and emotionally difficult. As an HR manager, how can you ensure corporate travel remains a pleasurable undertaking for your staff, rather than a week-long drudge fest? Here are five ways you can help your ‘road warriors’ stay productive when they’re out of the office.

Article by: Irma Hunkeler | Published: 25 October 2017

gig economy gig economy

Buddhist principles for a higher purpose and productivity

But by assuming organisational practices may also have spiritual dimensions in addition to the traditional economic business roles, not-for-profit organisations would be able to offer their employees practices that have a higher meaning, which could lead to greater productivity and entrepreneurial activity.

Article by: Haley Beer | Published: 7 October 2017