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Five Things to Nail When Managing Millennials

Today’s 20 and 30-somethings are a somewhat perplexing breed of employees. It didn’t surprise us that 32 percent of the HR professionals we surveyed said millennials are the hardest group of employees to engage - considerably more so than their Gen X and baby boomer counterparts. 

Article by: Unknown | Published: 4 June 2019

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Top tips on how to recruit millennials

With the end of the academic year looming, many graduates find themselves moving back in with their parents whilst searching for their first ‘proper’ job. New research from Cohesion shows that when looking for a role to kick start their career, graduates are turning to their parents for advice and guidance, including which job offers to accept.

Article by: Will Shepherd | Published: 15 September 2018

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Money, millennials and mission

The presence of millennials in the workforce is rapidly increasing; currently, they hold about 20 percent of all leadership roles, and that percentage is set to grow in 2018. They’re the most desirable commodity in the future workplace and can’t be attracted by traditional benefit schemes.

Article by: Danny Witter | Published: 28 April 2018