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The importance of mentoring

Over a quarter of (28 percent) of Brits say they want mentoring to progress through their career with confidence. However, a fifth (19 percent) admit they don’t know how to go about finding a mentor. A further 9 percent say they are actively looking for a mentor but haven’t been able to find the right person.

Article by: Sinead Bunting | Published: 19 May 2018

Top five tips on how to be an approachable line manager

In 2016/17, there were over half a million (526,000) cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety, and it accounted for 40 percent of all work-related ill health. It’s an issue that cannot be overlooked, with mental health-related presenteeism costing employers up to three times the cost of mental health-related absence.

Article by: Richard Holmes | Published: 18 May 2018

presenteeism presenteeism

Overworked managers, under-supported staff

The CIPD have launched the first comprehensive measure of job quality in the UK. While revealing that 64% of the UK workforce are broadly satisfied with their jobs, 11% reported regularly feeling miserable at work. Exploring seven different dimensions of job quality, the UK Working Lives survey has pinpointed just how ‘good’ our jobs are.

Article by: Joe Wells | Published: 2 May 2018

HR softening the blow or stiffening managers resolve? 

Absence management, performance appraisal, redeployment, redundancies, disciplinaries, is the HR role to soften the blow or is it to stiffen managers resolve? HR can provide the words but line managers can’t avoid difficult conversations. Contributor Blair McPherson, former local authority director, author and blogger.

Article by: Blair McPherson | Published: 24 March 2018


Effective Knowledge Management

How can you most effectively develop a knowledge sharing culture that supports collaboration and enhances relations and the effective transfer of knowledge? What is the best approach to eradicate siloed working, and build a culture of transparency and the broadest contribution?

Article by: Nick Gold | Published: 18 February 2018

employee engagement employee engagement

When managers get caught in the cross fire

 Would you really be surprised to learn that teachers in the staff room make some pretty derogatory remarks about pupils? That nurses have expressions for patients who are demanding or overly dramatic or that GPs complain about "regulars" with their non-specific aliments.

Article by: Blair McPherson | Published: 11 February 2018

racism racism

How should HR handle suspected racism?

A rather silly attempt at a joke or evidence of racism? You're the manager you decide? The advice from HR is this isn't going to go away. It shouldn't influence your thinking but the manager at the centre of this has delivered a very impressive improvement in services, they get results, board members have noted this and expressed their approval.

Article by: Blair McPherson | Published: 11 February 2018

city worker city worker

Trump tops list of most ghoulish bosses this Halloween

Lord Alan Sugar, star of the BBC’s The Apprentice and made famous by his ‘you’re fired!’ catchphrase, has divided opinion among employers and candidates.

Article by: Matthew Harradine | Published: 24 October 2017