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Microlearning making big waves in L&D

It may be the biggest fad in workplace learning right now. But, under the surface, microlearning pulls together a set of undeniable principles that are required to support employees in the face of near-constant disruption. It’s not a silver bullet. It’s not a replacement for everything being done in training today.

Article by: JD Dillion | Published: 4 October 2018

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Dangers of L&D spend in decline

Employers need to continue to invest in professional development. This is in response to a KPMG Global Outlook survey of 151 UK CEOs which found that just under half (42 percent) had no plans to invest in new workforce training over the next three years. From Stephanie Gillingham, Head of ER, Reward, Talent & Development at Alexander Mann Solutions.

Article by: Stephanie Gillingham | Published: 27 July 2017

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L&D with its future on the line

It's difficult to comprehend why online L&D is still not meeting expectation, especially when you consider the impact of digital on all our walks of life. But for many, it still conjures up visions of passive participation and sketchy take up. When you consider the sophistication of, say video games in this day and age, why L&D is struggling to gain attention and get traction is something of a mystery.

Article by: Amy Crawford | Published: 26 July 2017

The key to unlocking human potential

In a world of constant change, the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new work patterns is vital for both employees and their employers. Martin Moran, Managing Director International,

Article by: Martin Moran | Published: 14 April 2017

The learning curveball

Baseball fans will know a curveball imparts forward spin, causing havoc for the batter. Likewise, aiming L&D at the multi-faceted needs of the multi-generational workforce means HR must keep a keen eye on the game, and pivotal to hitting the sweet spot will be the sector's capacity to master technology innovation, particularly within the fields of automation and machine learning, changing the nature of work, as employees demand diverse work experiences. Article by Greg Pryor, Vice-president, Leadership & Organisation Effectiveness - Workday.

Article by: Greg Pryor | Published: 12 April 2017

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Mind the gap

Despite its immense capabilities, the brain still requires time to absorb learning materials, process this information, consolidate everything consumed, and build neural pathways to other related concepts.

Article by: | Published: 30 June 2016