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Attract and retain talent through reward

New data published by reward management consultancy Paydata captures the turbulent recruitment and retention landscape facing HR professionals. Here Paydata ... View Article

Article by: Tim Kellett, Director -  Paydata | Published: 15 July 2019

Pan-European talent management & recruitment challenges in life sciences

European life science hubs including Austria, Switzerland and Germany all have their own challenges when it comes to attracting the best talent. But what are they doing to lure the very best and how does this impact on HR policies?  What do firms do well and where do they need to focus their efforts?

Article by: Jean-Luc Niedergang | Published: 6 March 2019

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Top tips for spotting confident candidates in job interviews

As part of the campaign, Grosvenor Casinos wanted to reveal what micro‐expressions people use to lie and display confidence when playing games such as poker and blackjack. These micro expressions, however, also often appear outside the casino doors and have been seen to happen in job interviews.

Article by: Robert Phipps | Published: 1 March 2019

Digitalisation and recruitment: how employers can hire top skilled talent in 2019 

The growth of technology in the workplace is also reflected by the increase in the number of students studying degrees that place a heavy focus on technology, such as computer science – with the number of students studying the subject growing by 13% from 89,000 in 2012/13 to 101,000 in 2016/17.

Article by: Matt Weston | Published: 21 January 2019

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UK office workers suffering from vocation frustration

A new report from Staples has discovered that office workers in UK are suffering from Vocation Frustration. 97 percent feel frustrated in their work environments, with many feeling the need to escape office life as a result. For those who can’t get out of the rat run, one-in-five (22 percent) end up browsing LinkedIn job ads for something better when they’re frustrated.

Article by: Robert Baldrey | Published: 17 November 2018

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Job hunting myths that could hold you back

According to the latest research from leading independent job board, CV-Library , while almost half (45.5 percent) of professionals believe there are set rules you should follow when job hunting, the majority (77.7 percent) say that no one has ever taught them what these rules are.

Article by: Lee Biggins | Published: 12 October 2018

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US jobs data – “bitter reality lurking beneath vanilla surface”

Though the headline job creation figure came in below expectations, 157,000 is far from a failure. The markets quickly summed it up as robust rather than retreating, leaving the Dollar largely unphased and holding onto the gains it made earlier this week against both sterling and the Euro.

Article by: Jacob Deppe | Published: 15 August 2018

The do’s and don’ts of a winning CV

Analysis of over a million CVs reveals the top buzzwords seen by UK employers, ‘Motivated’ is the most cited feature in UK CVs, found in over a quarter (26 percent) of those analysed. ‘Initiative’ and ‘Social’ also feature heavily, found in 24 percent and nearly 20 percent of CVs respectively.

Article by: Andrew Hunter | Published: 13 August 2018

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How to Ace Your Job Interview

Although they may be comfortable in a white-collar environment and no strangers to the workplace, it is simply untrue that people in the middle of their careers don’t want or need some pointers to help take them all the way and secure the next step in their lives. Here are some top tips for making the right impression on your prospective employer.

Article by: Anthony Lam | Published: 20 May 2018

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Financial jobs market under pressure

If your company is looking to recruit within your accounts department, it’s worth understanding what the market is currently like. We are experiencing high demand for experienced candidates in the finance function, across many different sectors and industries.

Article by: Greg Thorpe | Published: 6 May 2018