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Anatomy of a cyber-attack:

What happened when a recruitment agency was hit by ransomware? It was as simple as a junior member of staff clicking on a malicious link in a bogus email. Article from Sarah Adams, cyber risk specialist at business insurance broker - PolicyBee.

Article by: Sarah Adams | Published: 11 September 2017

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At the mercy of cybercriminals

The National Audit Office (NAO) has reported that not enough is being done to tackle cybercrime, following another large scale malware incident this week. Article from Cyber Security Lead Joe Hancock - Mishcon de Reya.

Article by: Joe Hancock | Published: 3 July 2017

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Five ways to protect against ransomware attacks

There is a saying that goes “A fish rots from the head down” – get your senior board members up to speed on the threat landscape including cyber. They have invaluable strategic skills, which combined with the next steps will place an organisation on the front foot instead of the back one. From IIRSM Specialist Advisor, Mike Gillespie.

Article by: Mike Gillespie | Published: 24 May 2017

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How mobile is changing HR

I think it is needless to say that in the last decade, workplace outlooks and behaviours have changed drastically. The typical workforce is far less deskbound than previously, with many employees now working from home and ‘hot-desking’ fast becoming a popular option for work spaces. From Paul Swaddle, Co-founder of Pocket App.

Article by: Paul Swaddle | Published: 6 May 2017

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Cyber security guidance for C-Suite executives

The Internet was invented in a government laboratory and later commercialized in the private sector. The hardware, software, and networks were originally designed for open communication. From Chuck Brooks, Vice President of Government Relations & Marketing for Sutherland Government Solutions.

Article by: Chuck Brooks | Published: 16 April 2017

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The cyber security threats for 2017

Peter Bauer, CEO and co-founder at Mimecast gives his predictions of the potential cyber threats for 2017 that businesses should heed.

Article by: Peter Bauer | Published: 17 December 2016

The death of email

Businesses are turning their back on traditional ways of communicating in new agile era. Britain’s offices could be set for ... View Article

Article by: | Published: 14 November 2016

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Why HR needs to be more tuned in to mobile tech

A company’s digital technology is no longer just the concern of IT staff – it has become an integral part of the employee experience. Jon Moger, Senior Director EMEA Marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, explains why it has become essential for HR managers to be engaged with mobile tech.

Article by: | Published: 1 November 2016