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Top tips on how to spot confident job candidates

A campaign by Grosvenor Casinos titled Game Face has uncovered the tell‐tale signs to watch out for when working out if someone is displaying a lack of confidence. As part of the campaign, Grosvenor Casinos wanted to reveal what micro‐expressions people use to lie and display confidence when playing games such as poker.

Article by: Robert Phipps | Published: 3 April 2019

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Six key competency questions

I am often asked by professionals and graduate & post graduate advanced students, ‘how do you know if someone is really competent in their job and profession even if they say that they are'? I simply ask 6 questions to get to the details of if they are competent or not.

Article by: Michael Marshall | Published: 21 June 2018

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First impressions count

Over half (53 percent) of people make up their minds about a new job before their first interview has even finished. In fact, almost a quarter of job hunters (24 percent) decide whether it’s for them within five minutes of their first meeting. Contributor Matt Weston, Managing Director at Robert Half UK.

Article by: Matt Weston | Published: 16 March 2018

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The ten deadly interview sins

cause you committed one of these ten deadly interview sins. have put together a list of the worst things ... View Article

Article by: Chris Meredith | Published: 30 September 2017