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End of freedom of movement, city begins to splinter

The government announcement in July of a March 2019 end to freedom of movement for EU nationals coincided with a series of major financial services institutions announcing a reduction or relocation of their London positions.

Article by: Hakan Enver | Published: 16 August 2017


Commercial impacts of restricted immigration

The latest edition of Mercer’s Workforce Monitor has highlighted how reliant certain sectors of the UK economy have become on EU-born and non-EU born workers. Comment from Gary Simmons, Partner at Mercer.

Article by: Gary Simmons | Published: 27 March 2017

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Immigration Act 2020 – no time like the present!

We now have a unique opportunity to learn the lessons of the past and to improve engagement with employers in order to deliver far more effective and deliverable immigration policies that will minimise identity fraud and eliminate illegal migrant working. From Ken Hanslip, Technical Director of NSL Checking.

Article by: Ken Hanslip | Published: 6 March 2017