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Return to office does not mean the end for remote and hybrid working

The benefits presented by remote and hybrid working models should not be ignored in favour of tradition and comfort as we look to reshape the way we think about work and workplace dynamics.  

Article by: Emma Loizidis, Head of People - Fox Agency | Published: 20 September 2023

Rethinking hybrid work – with an individualised approach

The best of both worlds. A terrific blend of the benefits of being in the office and working from home. The future of work. That’s what hybrid work was supposed to be. What it has actually turned out to be is a juggling act of multiple workplaces and no particular place to hang your hat. Working hybrid means constantly dealing with poor in-person office work conditions, frustrating commutes and a tax on workers’ mental health, among other concerns.

Article by: Matt Rumins, European Head of Customer Success - Intradiem | Published: 5 September 2023

Shifting hybrid working from novelty to long-term solution

Managers must be aware of some of the challenges that hybrid teams face, which is often in the area of building cohesive working relationships. Equally, it’s incumbent on HR professionals to provide the right amount of information and support to achieve this.

Article by: Dr Tanya Boyd - Insights Learning and Development | Published: 26 August 2023

Don’t forget about professional development in this hybrid world

By transforming the way we look at training, so that it keeps up with the challenges of the modern workplace, we can create a culture of confidence and clarity. This will contribute to a happy and successful place to work that retains its best workers and thrives for many more years to come.

Article by: Stephanie Wallis, Head of Sales - Jarrold Training | Published: 23 August 2023

Unlock benefits of international remote work and manage compliance risk

The future of work lies in embracing flexibility. Forward-thinking employers who provide flexibility in hours, roles, and locations will attract and retain top talent, creating a vibrant and energised workforce. Simplifying the processes around remote work is essential to maintain compliance while empowering your staff to embark on transformative workations.

Article by: Zain Ali, Co-founder and CEO - Centuro Global | Published: 20 August 2023

The human element of hybrid working

After the last three years, it’s clear that hybrid working isn’t going anywhere. Staff have grown accustomed to choosing how and where they work, and most don’t plan to give that up. Especially when 83 per cent of office workers say they prefer a hybrid model too.

Article by: Joe Harris, workplace technology specialist - Matrix Booking | Published: 2 July 2023

Navigating the cultural challenges of hybrid/remote working

Hybrid working lets us enjoy certain benefits and freedoms – but it isn’t without its challenges. Organisations are struggling to balance the workplace/homeworking dichotomy, resulting in low levels of trust and poor workplace culture. Here are some tips to navigate this situation, improve relationships and achieve identified business outcomes.

Article by: Clare Spratt - Netley Consulting | Published: 21 April 2023

CIOs need to move beyond IT operational measures to gain true insight

The lack of subjective understanding of the individual employee digital experience is creating serious business problems, from plummeting productivity to staff retention and reputational damage. And yet many CIOs have no idea.

Article by: Dave Page, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer - Actual Experience | Published: 26 March 2023