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The transformative power of job opportunities in addiction recovery

This article discusses the transformative power of job opportunities in addiction recovery. It highlights the challenges faced by individuals in recovery, including stigma, limited support networks, and skill gaps. The article emphasizes the importance of employment in providing a sense of purpose, boosting self-esteem, reducing relapse rates, and breaking the cycle of addiction.

Article by: Keith Prance - Rehab Recovery | Published: 16 September 2023

A comprehensive guide to remote working and employer liability

Below are some potential injuries remote workers might face, the legal rights of employees in such scenarios, and how employers can ensure a safe and healthy remote working environment.

Article by: Jonathan White, Legal and Compliance Director - National Accident Helpline | Published: 14 September 2023

Moving from reactive to predictive: The future of employee health and wellbeing

Many organisations are moving into the world of AI and Predictive Analytics in relation to their own areas of expertise, manufacturing, logistics, finance, retail, healthcare and many others are using data analytics to predict stock levels, vehicle tolerances or market trends.

Article by: Nick Reader, Principal Consultant - GoodShape | Published: 14 September 2023

We’ll never agree on how to define financial wellbeing – that’s fine (actually it’s good)

Human beings have an innate desire to define things. But financial wellbeing is such a deeply personal endeavour that it’s not possible to agree on a universal definition. This is a good thing because it makes financial wellbeing inclusive by design. It means that it is applicable and relevant to everyone and it means everyone can define a future and make a plan to get there. And yet, there are certain things about financial wellbeing that we can, and should, all agree on which will make it easier for organisations and individuals to make progress in this space.

Article by: Sam Lathey is the CEO - Bippit   | Published: 8 September 2023

MENTAL HEALTH – LIVING THE DREAM – Issue 226 – August 2023 | Article of the Week

Who would have thought flexible working, from home, four-day weeks would become the norm for many people worldwide? Back then, if asked if they would like to work like this, most would have answered a resounding “yes!” So, here we are, “living the dream”! But is it the serendipitous fantasy so many desired? For millions it is and for millions of others, it isn’t. Now there is talk and some mandate for going back to conventional times, but Pandora’s box is open.

Article by: KARL BENNETT, WELLBEING DIRECTOR - VIVUP (& CHAIR OF EAPA) | Published: 6 September 2023

Why signage is still essential for safer and efficient workplaces

Could better signage guide your path to a safer, more profitable business? Expert Tom Armenante, Director at GTSE cable ties discusses the benefits of workplace signage. Including, tips for implementing a signage strategy to reduce business risk.

Article by: Tom Armenante, director - | Published: 4 September 2023

Supporting employees with addiction

As part of wellbeing charity caba’s campaign around addiction awareness, Cristian Holmes, the CEO, has penned his thoughts looking at how businesses can support employees struggling with addiction - substance and behavioural, so also looking at gambling, gaming, shopping etc.

Article by: Cristian Holmes, CEO - caba | Published: 29 August 2023

How AI is transforming health and safety policy

The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and wearable technologies into the UK, offers tremendous potential to improve current Health and Safety training practices and make them more effective.

Article by: Graham Sharp, Managing Director of H&S consultancy, Stanley | Published: 27 August 2023

Navigating sexual harassment complaints with fairness

Sexual harassment remains a prevalent challenge within workplaces globally. The words of Claire Barnett, executive director of UN Women UK, echo the urgency of addressing this issue. In the UK, it has been termed a "human rights crisis" that demands immediate attention, with unsettling statistics underscoring the severity of the problem.

Article by: Michelle Hobson, HR Services Director - Moorepay | Published: 21 August 2023