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Utilising employee benefits in cancer support

As cancer diagnoses continue to rise, and survival rates also increase, the breadth of support within employee benefits available to those diagnosed has significantly improved. There needs to be more utilisation of such support in the workplace. Not all employers are aware of what can be included within the health and protection benefits they offer their staff.

Article by: Brett Hill | Published: 15 February 2018

bad work habits bad work habits

Detox your bad work habits

Typically, resolutions at this time of year focus on diet and health. But what about making some changes that positively impact your working life? After all, many of us spend the majority of our time at work, and even small changes to the daily routine can have a truly beneficial effect on your general wellbeing.

Article by: Richard Morris | Published: 13 February 2018

risk risk

Are companies addressing the risk of burnout in their workforce?

The threat of burnout is real and immediate. It is not reserved for middle age or later life. Last year in the UK, younger workers took more days off work due to stress than older workers (roughly 65 percent of 16-24 young workers compared to only 24 percent of older workers). It also found that nearly half of all workers do NOT feel they get enough support from employers.

Article by: Rob Bravo | Published: 10 February 2018

celebrity celebrity

Are Celebrity ‘advice’ books Fake News?

For any health professional or therapist, January is the time to be afraid – very afraid. Every year it is the same and their clients and patients come in with all sorts of new strategies, strange diets and unusual advice which they have read in the plethora of Celebrity health books, diet plans and self-help titles that they received as Christmas presents.

Article by: Susan Scott | Published: 7 February 2018

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Supporting employees diagnosed with cancer

With cancer rates rising and Macmillan highlighting that most employees (85 percent) diagnosed with cancer say their work is important to them, it is likely that more employers and employees will be impacted by cancer in the coming years. So, what should companies do to support any employees diagnosed with cancer?

Article by: Cheryl Brennan | Published: 3 February 2018

strategic goals strategic goals

Employee health and strategic goals – the big disconnect

Global firms are failing to recognise the impact employee mental well-being could have on meeting their strategic goals, according to new research from AXA’s global healthcare specialists. Thirty-five percent of corporates stated that they view global mobility as critical to achieving core objectives, with over half saying it is needed to improve operations.

Article by: Tom Wilkinson | Published: 26 January 2018

sleep deprivation sleep deprivation

Time to ‘wake up’ to sleep deprivation

A lack of sleep is increasingly being linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, and raises the risk of accident and injury. But sleep is not just critical to health, it essential for maintaining cognitive skills such as communicating well, remembering key information, and being creative and flexible in thought.

Article by: Louise Aston | Published: 25 January 2018

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How to Avoid the January Blues

According to recent reports by Instant Offices, it’s the cold, dark, and dreary winter months, particularly January, that tend to be the least productive period for employees. Here are some tips on how to boost employee motivation and productivity during the seasonal dip in team morale.

Article by: John Williams | Published: 16 January 2018

engagement engagement

Time for an ‘Engagement Health Check’

Employee engagement is not simply about being happy at work. An engaged employee cares about the business and believes in its vision. They have a strong connection with the organisation and will work towards shared goals. At the start of this year, nearly 70% of workers were planning on quitting their jobs

Article by: Amir Qureshi | Published: 12 January 2018

score card score card

How A Balanced Scorecard will drive your business performance

The balanced scorecard (BSC) is an organisational framework used to manage and monitor performance against strategic goals. It combines strategic (non-financial) performance measures to the traditional P&L - to provide businesses with a balanced view of their performance.

Article by: Tony Latter, CEO and Co-Founder of The Happiness Index | Published: 4 January 2018