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Social and environmental issues will drive future governance 

Broad social issues, such as demographic and technological change, as well as environmental sustainability will have a greater influence on the future course of governance according to a new report into millennial perspectives on the future of governance, launched last night by ICSA: The Governance Institute.

Article by: Liz Bradley | Published: 29 September 2018

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We must focus on reusing energy rather than reducing it

The future won’t just be about saving energy, it will be about looking at clever ways to reuse energy that would otherwise be wasted. As the debate around climate change intensified the focus has been on reducing our carbon footprints, in particular by cutting our energy usage.

Article by: José Melico | Published: 16 June 2018

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It’s often the little things – energy efficiency tips for businesses

One hundred traditional 60watt bulbs left running for 10 hours a day, based on a typical unit price of 11p, will cost you £6.60 a day. However, 100 energy efficient 6watt bulbs running for the same time would be 1/10th of the cost - only £66p a day. Energy efficient lighting can initially cost more than traditional incandescent lighting, during their lifetime they will save you money because they use less energy.

Article by: Paul Sheffield | Published: 15 February 2018

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Why walking in the workplace should be championed

2017 saw promising progress in bringing power to the pedestrian by making our cities more walking-friendly. In 2018, business leaders can act on their responsibility, making a proactive change and encouraging staff to get involved with walking schemes. Our nation’s cities are responding to the urgent need for more walking-friendly roads and communities.

Article by: Archie Robertson | Published: 10 January 2018

Time for your fleet to turn electric?

Fleet managers looking to control their costs could turn to electric vehicles to deliver the savings they need, urges Venson Automotive Solutions. According to the Department for Transport, electric vehicle running costs are as low as just two pence per mile. From Simon Staton, Client Management Director of Venson Automotive Solutions.

Article by: Simon Staton | Published: 18 August 2017

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To turn the tide

There is a desperate need for large scale and worldwide ocean conservation work to be carried out and these problems cannot be solved by a handful of charities whose limited capacity and strict rules dictate what they can and can’t do with the donated funds.

Article by: Tom Birbeck | Published: 28 July 2017