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Top 10 Countries for Women to Work Abroad

For International Women’s Day, InterNations, the world’s largest expat community, took a look at the women that do work abroad and the countries in which they are happiest with their career. The findings are based on the insights of 8,855 female expats that took part in the Expat Insider 2018 survey, one of the most extensive surveys about working and living abroad, annually conducted by InterNations. For the survey’s Working Abroad Index, several topics such as career prospects, work-life balance, and job security are factored in.

Article by: Malte Zeeck | Published: 28 February 2019

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Pressures and resolutions for employers in 2019

Wage growth and increased levels of employment may be dominating headlines as 2018 draws to a close, but organisations are being warned to be cautious as the latest economic data does not reflect political and social trends that will affect UK employers in 2019.

Article by: Andrew Taggart | Published: 1 January 2019

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How to make your candidate experience fit for the age of Glassdoor

In these times of peak social media, no company can operate behind a closed door anymore. Social media and online forums like Glassdoor have given employees a powerful platform to share their experiences, with often serious consequences for a company’s employee brand.

Article by: James Bull | Published: 14 December 2018

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Employee experience is as important and creative as brand experience  

Technology is changing the way people experience everything, including the work they do, the way they do it and the spaces they do it in. The businesses that will build the best teams - and deliver outstanding performance - are already focused on bringing these technologies into their businesses.

Article by: Helen Lea | Published: 9 December 2018

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A different approach to hiring for the narrow the skills gap

We are facing what some are describing as a ‘pervasive’ skills shortage. Previously, employers had their pick of a queue of applicants for one job, now they and recruiters are having to be much more proactive in finding relevant CVs. There are many factors at play in creating this shortage, from a 42-year low unemployment rate to the pace of change.

Article by: Neil Hammerton | Published: 17 September 2018

The wheel of misfortune
Print – Issue 166 | Article of the Week

Once capitalism only creates a permanent-debt-serf class and a technocrat, financier, entrepreneur and speculator class that harvests over 70 percent of the wealth and income, then democracy dies by the slow poison of rising inequality and the ever-greater collusion of wealth and political power.

Article by: David Scott | Published: 22 August 2018

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Belief Systems that Hurt High Achievers

As an Organisational Psychologist and 28 years working with the top three levels in Fortune 100 companies, I’ve noticed some common themes with some of the most successful people in the world. Contributor Dr. Marissa Pei, Consulting Psychologist and author of, “8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are”

Article by: Dr. Marissa Pei | Published: 17 August 2018