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Employee health and strategic goals – the big disconnect

Global firms are failing to recognise the impact employee mental well-being could have on meeting their strategic goals, according to new research from AXA’s global healthcare specialists. Thirty-five percent of corporates stated that they view global mobility as critical to achieving core objectives, with over half saying it is needed to improve operations.

Article by: Tom Wilkinson | Published: 26 January 2018

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Evaluating your online platform – are you asking the right questions?

How well do your staff benefits support the business? Can you quantify the success of your reward strategy against criteria such as cost-effectiveness, employee appreciation and overall market competitiveness?  Do you know how your benefits compare to others in your sector, and do you have a clear course of action for developing your strategy in the future?

Article by: Jeff Fox | Published: 1 September 2017

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Review benefits regularly

Regardless of their location, size or industry, most businesses have a benefits package in place for their employees. Whether it’s a standard mix of pensions, expenses and holiday entitlement or an elaborate portfolio with lots of bells-and-whistles, all employees will receive some type of benefit. Article by James Malia, Director of Employee Benefits at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services.

Article by: James Malia | Published: 6 July 2017

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What is the current thinking on benefits?

Chase de Vere has undertaken extensive research with senior HR decision makers to capture their attitudes on employee benefits and related services. Some of the more interesting results were in relation to the provision of financial education services for their employees. Article from Sean McSweeny, Chase de Vere.

Article by: Sean McSweeny | Published: 19 April 2017

How to get take-up with your Employee Incentive Schemes

A common thread shared through online HR forums is why employee incentive schemes fail. The problem is often insufficient take-up with not enough employees using the scheme for it to deliver any tangible benefits to the employer. By Richard Ellis, sales and marketing director at Connected Benefits.

Article by: Richard Ellis | Published: 15 April 2017


How employee benefits can help compensate staff for minimal pay rises

When your organisation is making cuts or is financially stretched, staff can be under a lot of pressure to pick up the slack without any compensation. No more so than in the healthcare industry where many employees are working longer hours and covering for staff who have not been replaced.

Article by: . | Published: 30 December 2016

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The big squeeze

The squeezed middle, the pillars of the organisation, supporting family, funding children through uni, whilst looking after care needs of ... View Article

Article by: Kirsten Stewart | Published: 28 November 2016

The HRDirector Features

The New Salary-Sacrifice Proposals

To sacrifice or not to sacrifice? That is the question. New proposed rule changes around salary sacrifice, where employees opt to sacrifice part of their salary for specific company benefits, will leave many people now wondering what the best course of action is for them.

Article by: | Published: 19 October 2016

The HRDirector Features

Five reasons employee benefits fail

Here at Connected Benefits we talk to companies and organisations every day who are struggling to implement successful employee benefits or incentive schemes.

Article by: | Published: 19 October 2016

The HRDirector Features

UK’s perfect job revealed – how did yours fair?

Competitive Salary and Benefits Package tops the ‘Perfect Job’ rankings. Work/Life Balance can only manage third place by ‘driven’ Brits. But job seekers in Wales, North East and Northern Ireland prefer Job Security. Young employees say pleasant atmosphere trumps salary as top ingredient of perfect job.

Article by: | Published: 19 September 2016