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Why are we still so afraid of disabled employees?

I was delighted to participate in the Government's Consultation on its Green Paper on Work, Health and Disability recently. By Michelle Chance, Partner and Head of the London Employment Practice at national law firm Bond Dickinson LLP.

Article by: Michelle Chance | Published: 21 February 2017

Mont Blanc

Sir John Parker published the first version of his report into ethnic diversity on boards in November 2016. As with the Parker Review’s spiritual predecessor the Davies Review, the irony of a call for greater ethnic diversity, being led by the familiar white faced male that personifies UK boardrooms, is indicative of the challenges, and just how few non-white board directors there are in the UK’s biggest companies. Article by Denise Keating, Chief Executive, Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei)

Article by: Denise Keating | Published: 18 January 2017

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Vive la difference

As a young woman starting out on a trading floor in the early ‘90s, I was always aware of being ... View Article

Article by: Julie Chakraverty | Published: 23 November 2016