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The rise of modern recruitment: why culture is king

These new models, which focus on a recruitment ‘wheel’ rather than a funnel approach, ensure that the leads nurtured as part of a recruitment campaign are maintained and converted into candidates who continue to be engaged by the organisation and considered for future positions. 

Article by: Carl Hoffmann | Published: 15 June 2019

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Culture Fit: A Definition

For as long as people have collaborated, some have worked better together than others. It goes above and beyond the skills they bring, there’s some magic that happens when the right people work together. Being able to predict that magic is the dark art of recruitment. 

Article by: Mark Hla | Published: 10 June 2019

Compensatory rest tested in court

The Court, in disagreement with the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT), has held that compensatory rest does not have to be taken in one uninterrupted period and that shorter breaks could be aggregated to amount to the required time.

Article by: Rebecca McGuirk | Published: 13 March 2019

Motivation Across Cultures

Motivation, at heart, isn’t something that changes over the centuries, even if we are trying to encourage our staff rather than the ranks of English archers.  Painting images of what life will be like when we have won is a classic motivational technique.

Article by: Michael Gates | Published: 12 September 2018

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Conveyor belt’ of change undermines work to create a more equal society

Turnover in the role of Minister for Women and Equalities, and its part-time nature, risks undermining the effectiveness of equality policy and giving the impression that equalities issues are peripheral to day to day Government, says the Women and Equalities Committee.

Article by: Maria Miller | Published: 7 June 2018

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The real missing link | Print – Issue 160 | Article of the Week

From our ancient ancestors, we humans have always been hierarchical - that's our natural state - and how we work and live in groups most effectively. But evidence suggests that resistance to being dominated has been a key driver in the evolutionary development of human consciousness - we don't like being told what to do and we tend to disengage if we have no influence in a situation.

Article by: Sam Dods | Published: 14 February 2018

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Popular culture is ahead of office culture

People like Laverne Cox who plays Sophia Burset in the Netflix prison drama Orange is the New Black have become global symbols and pushed transgender awareness into the mainstream but it is not surprising if office culture lags behind popular culture.

Article by: Blair McPherson former Director of Community services | Published: 28 December 2017

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Male bosses avoid being alone with women at work

However, this type of behaviour does not just occur in high-profile industries. Indeed, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has reported that a third of women in Britain have been subjected to unwelcome jokes and sexual comment. The extent to which such behaviour continues to pervade the workplace, and the fact that perpetrators appear to have continued to get away with it until now, mean the subject must be addressed with renewed vigour.

Article by: Caroline Philipps & Nick Tsatsas | Published: 17 November 2017

A NICE culture

“Niceness” in the workplace can be an undervalued quality, however a recent study from Monarch Airlines has revealed that employing “nice” staff makes for both a happier and more productive workforce. From Rob Foulkes, Head of Digital & Marketing at Monarch.

Article by: Rob Foulkes | Published: 19 June 2017