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Popular culture is ahead of office culture

People like Laverne Cox who plays Sophia Burset in the Netflix prison drama Orange is the New Black have become global symbols and pushed transgender awareness into the mainstream but it is not surprising if office culture lags behind popular culture.

Article by: Blair McPherson former Director of Community services | Published: 28 December 2017

Whistleblowing on the rise but office culture still a barrier

According to the survey’s findings, almost half (47 percent) of business managers are either witnessing or engaging in whistleblowing(1), suggesting that there has been a shift in behaviour since 2014, when Censuswide conducted a similar survey in partnership with Freshfields and only 34 percent reported the same level of engagement. Similarly in the 2017 survey, only 13 percent of business managers now claim that their employers are discouraging whistleblowing.

Article by: Adam Siegel | Published: 22 November 2017


Stop Dark Triad overlords destroying your business

Are Dark Triad leaders ruling your organisation? In many cases, the answer is yes. The Dark Triad is an umbrella term that encompasses three specific personality traits: Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. Astonishingly, studies show that high levels of these traits are evident in the CEOs and senior management teams of today’s organisations.

Article by: Espen Skorstad | Published: 17 November 2017

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Why it Pays to Engage

Some may not want to hear this but we feel too many researchers have actually been searching too hard. We believe the quest to find a magical silver bullet has caused many to forget first basics – that we are all, actually, humans, and so while complex, so-called ‘engagement strategies’ might be all well and good, if they don’t consider this very important concept, they won’t deliver the changes in performance leaders were hoping for.

Article by: Sue Stoneman, Founder and CEO, NKD | Published: 9 November 2017

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Why is shared parental leave not being taken?

Partly due to the cultural stigma of taking time off work, as pace of change accelerates, just 8,700 new parents took advantage of the Shared Parental Leave system in 2016/17* making up less than one percent of the number of parents eligible, according to research by EMW, the commercial law firm. Comment Jon Taylor, Principal - EMW.

Article by: EMW | Published: 20 September 2017

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Catching fog

Culture is that thing that makes the organisation what it is; it’s the DNA, the aura, the intangible “something” that makes a business unique. Sounds rather woolly, doesn’t it? Perhaps the Oxford English Dictionary can help: Culture; "the attitudes, the ideas, customs, and behaviour of a particular social group” - a collective of people think, act and interact. So, how do we change the way people think, shape their attitudes?

Article by: Glen Cardinal | Published: 22 March 2017